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Abbreviations a-i

Medical prefixes, suffixes, and word roots

a-, an- without, lack of
ab- from, away
-ac, -ic pertaining to
acr- (o) extremities (arms and legs)
ad- to, toward, near
aden- (o) gland, glandular
adren- (o) adrenal gland
alba- white
-algia pain
ambi- both, both sides
angi- (o) vessel
anti- against
ater- (io) artery
arthr- (o) joint
-ase enzyme
-asis condition of
audi- (o) sound, hearing
auto- self
bi- (s) twice, double, both
bio- life
brachi- arm
brady- slow
bronch- (i,o) air tubes in lungs
carcin- (o) cancer, malignancy
cardi- (a,o) pertaining to heart
carp- (o) wrist
cerebro- brain
cerv- (ic) neck, neck of uterus
chond- (i, r, ri) cartilage
-cise cut
co- (n) with, together
col- (in, o) colon, bowel, large intestine
contra- against, counter
crani- (o) pertaining to the skull
-crine secrete
cryo- cold
cut- skin
cyst- (i, o) bladder, bag, sac
dacry- tear duct, tear
dactyl- (o) finger, toe
demi- half
dent- (i, o) tooth
derm- (a, at, o) pertaining to skin
dia- double, twice
duoden- (o) duodenum
dys- difficult, painful, bad
e- (c) without
-eal pertaining to
-ectomy surgical removal of
-emia blood
encephal- (o) brain
endo- within, intermost
enter- (i, o) intestine
erythro- red
ex- (o) outside of, beyond
faci- face
-fascia fibrous band
fibr- (a, i, o) fiber, connective tissue
fore- in front of
galacto- milk, galactose (milk sugar)
gast- (i, ro) stomach
-genetic, -genic origin, producing, causing
genito- organs of reproduction
gluc- (o) sweetness, sugar, glucose
gyn- (ec, o) woman, female
hem- (a, ato, o) blood
hemi- half
hepat- (o) liver
herni- rupture
hetero- other, unlike, different
hist- (o) tissue
homo- (eo, o) same, like
hyrdo- water
hyper- excessive, high, over, increased, more than normal
hypo- decreased, deficient, low, under, less than normal
hyster- (o) uterus
infra- beneath, below
intra- within, into, inside
-ism condition, theory, state of being
-itis inflammation, inflammation of
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