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Stacks of Rules

Rules and other notes

Rule #Rule
Rule 1 Maintain a broad base
Rule 2 Bend @ hips + knees
Rule 3 Use strongest muscels
Rule 4 Use weight ofyour body
Rule 5 carry close to body
Rule 6 Avoid twisting
Rule 7 Don't bend for long
Rule 8 Get help if needed
Rule 9 Use assistive equipment
Rule 11 Use it if you know how to
Rule 12 Don't use frayed cords
Rule 13 Observe all safety words
Rule 14 Read MSDSs
Rule 15 Don't mix solutions
Rule 16 Never use unlabed stuff
Rule 17 Report broken stuff
Rule 18 To make the job easier
Rule 19 To provide safety @ work
Rule 21 Provide privacy
Rule 22 Identify pt
Rule 23 Explain all that you do
Rule 24 Observe pt closely
Rule 25 Check for safety hazards
Rule 26 pt in comfortable position
Rule 27 Side rails elavated
Rule 28 Bed at lowest level
Rule 29 Wheels locked
Rule 30 Personal legall safety
Rule 31 Must follow all policies
Rule 32 Legally responsible for pt
Rule 33 Remain calm if there is a fire
Rule 32 RACE
Rule 33 PASS
Cause of a fire Careless smoking, matches
Four fire extinguishers A, B, C, ABC
Causes of death in a fire Panic/ Fear
A contains Pressurized water
B contains Carbon Dioxide
C contains Potassium Bicarbonate
C could also contain Potassiun Chloride
Created by: Andres