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Chap.12 - rep

Chap.12 - keeping the republic

Which of the following groups is most likely to vote? Upper-income Americans
According to the textbook, which of the following does NOT contribute to increased or decreased voter turnout? fewer or more selective incentives offered by parties and candidates for voting
Which piece of legislation made it possible for citizens to register to vote while accessing other state services? Motor Voter Bill
All of the following statements are true concerning voter turnout EXCEPT Turnout among young people has now caught up with turnout among older citizens
All of the following statements concerning the effects of race, gender, and ethnicity on voting preferences are true EXCEPT Women tend to support a female candidate regardless of the candidate's party
Which type of voting requires the most of voters and why? Prospective voting, because voters base their decision on well-informed opinions and consideration of future consequences
Retrospective voting is based on reactions to past performance, where a voter either approves the status quo or signals a desire for change
During the pre-primary season, candidates for president engage in all of the following activities EXCEPT winning delegates
The Democratic Party uses the ______ method to distribute primary delegates to the party's convention proportional representation
How is the number of electors a state gets in the Electoral College determined? An elector for every representative in the U
The strategy and research that form the basis of presidential campaigns is done by the professional staff hired by the candidates
A position issue is an issue on which the parties differ in their perspectives and proposed solutions
Since public funding of presidential elections began, Barack Obama was the first major-party presidential candidate to fund his general election campaign without taking government funding
Hard money refers to campaign funds donated directly to campaigns by individuals and PACs
In a presidential election, the winning candidate inevitably claims an electoral mandate
The 2010 decision Citizens United v Federal Election Commission resulted in system whereby the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions are free to engage in broadcast campaigns, with some limitations
All of the following are factors that determine who votes and who doesn't EXCEPT geographic location
Studies show that which of the following is the most likely to get someone to vote? Personal contacts
Voter mobilization includes contacting people"especially supporters"to inform them about the election and to persuade them to vote
The presidential election turnout rate has hovered around _______ percent over the past thirty years 60
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