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med term test #3

eng 108 test #3

costco rib
costocholdral rib and rib cartilage
intercostal between ribs
cysto urinary bladder or fluid-filled sac
cystocele herniation of bladder
cystotomy incision into bladder
cystitis inflammation of bladder
dento teeth
dentalgia tooth pain
dentist specialist in teeth
dentoid resembling a toothlike structure
dys defective or painful
dysplasia defective development (abnormal tissue)
chondrodysplasia defective development of cartilage
hydro water
hydrocele herniation containing water or fluid
hydrocephalus abnormal amount of water inside head
hydrophobia abnormal fear of water
bursa serous sac in joint
bursectomy removal of sac in joint
bursitis inflammation of sac in joint
chondro cartilage
chondrodynia cartilage pain
chondrectomy excision of cartilage
arthro joint
arthritis joint inflammation
arthroplasty surgical repair of joint
arthroscope instrument used to look into joint
ad toward
addiction cumpulsive attraction to substance or habit
adduction movement toward midline or body
adhesions tissues that stick together, normally apart
ab away from
abduction movement away from the midline of body
aberrant wandering from normal path
abnormal deviating from the expected
abdomino abdomen
abdominocentesis surgical procedure. removal of fluid from abdomen
-centesis surgical puncture of a cavity for fluid or cell removal
tendino tendons
tendinitis inflammation of tendons
tendinoplasty surgical repair of the tendons
peri around or surrounding
pericardium membrane around the heart
periosteum membrane around the bone
periodontal tissue around the teeth (gums)
osteo bone
osteoma tumor in bone
osteopenia bone loss
osteopathy practice of bone doctor
ortho to straighten
orthodontist teeth straightening specialist
orthopedist physican bone and joint specialist and surgeon
orthotic device used to straighten and support joints
myelo spinal cord or bone marrow
myelocyte bone marrow cell that produces blood cells
myeladysplasia defective development of spinal cord
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