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SSAW 10 Art

Ch. 10 Art

Discobolus - Disco thrower lost bronze - 450 BC - Myron - stillness before motion - balanced tension (Sophrosyne-) relief-like flatness - absence of muscle tension
Didumenas - Diadem bearer lost bronze - 420 BC - Polyclitus - contrapposto pose - tying ribbon on head after victory - downcast eyes (aidos)
Doryphoros - Spear carrier lost bronze - 440 BC - Polyclitus - civic nudity of ath./soldier - Canon "the rule" (mathematical proportions) - head 1/7th of head
Apoxyomenos - The scraper 3D - lost bronze - 330BC - Lysippos of Sikyon - 20BC Agrippa installed in baths in Rome - Later, Tiberius put in bedroom and people were pissed
Terme Boxer bronze - found in 1885 Constantine baths - first century BC - more emotional - looking at a loser "non traditional state"
Farnese Hercules baths of Caracalla, Rome 1540 - copy of 4th century original by Lysippos - overdeveloped physique - after 12 labors, apples in hand
Cynic dog-like
Diogenes Dog philosopher
Created by: berge