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European Explorers 5

European Explorers 5th grade Stratford

FOUND the Spice Islands Marco Polo found... Mongolia (Kubla Khan)
Not a sailor, but SUPPORTED the explorers with ships; Encouraged explorers to explore (died 1460) and $$$; Prince Henry (Prince of Portugal) sailed where? Portugal
Showed it’s POSSIBLE to sail around Cape of Good Hope Dias proved... Portugal
Sailed to the tip of Africa Dias sailed where... Portugal
Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria Columbus commanded these ships.. Spain
Around Cape of Good Hope De Gama sailed where... Portugal
African Cities (cause it was a long way) De Gama stopped where? Portugal
King called him “hero” De Gama was called... Portugal
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria Columbus commanded Spain
Wanted West Indies Columbus was looking for... Spain
Treaty of Tordesillas Columbus arranged... Spain
Spain got the west, Portugal the East (incl. Brazil) Treaty of Trodesillas (Columbus) Spain
Crossed the Isthmus of Panama on foot Balboa walked where? Spain
Pacific Ocean Balboa found what? Spain
His dad sailed with Columbus De Las Casas (who he knew) Spain
Fought against Slavery of American Indians De Las Casas What did he do? Spain
First to circumnavigate earth (though he is killed before arrival) Magellan was the first to... Spain
Straits of Magellan Magellan found... Spain
... the Spice Islands Cabral was trying to find... Portugal
Found Brazil in S. America Cabral found what country? Portugal
Portugal Cabral claimed his discovery for ... Portugal
The Pacific Ocean Magellan named... Spain
Newfoundland Cabot found this land .. England
Pirate (England approved) Drake (his profession) England
“Golden Hind” Drake (his ship) England
Chile, Peru, California Drake England
Virginia (US) Sir Walter Raleigh(location of colony) England
“Lost Colony” Sir Walter Raleigh (nickname of discovery) England
Cartographer Sir Walter Raleigh (job) England
Sailed Atlantic Coast Verrazano sailed where? France
Narrows Bridge in NY Verrazano found what? France
Killed by cannibals Verrazano (how he died) France
Looking for Northwest Passage Cartier France
Gulf of St. Lawrence Cartier found what body of water? France
Mount Royal (Montreal) and Quebec in Canada Cartier found which cities in Canada? France
Maine Champlain explored which US State? France
Mississippi River Marquette & Joliette explored France
Went south to Gulf of Mexico De La Salle went … France
Died 1580 King Henry lived until Portugal
Fight between sons King Henry watched who bicker? Portugal
became part of Spain King Henry’s country became part of …. Portugal
Anthony King Henry (who took over for him) Portugal
Took notes on Indians and helped Dutch Trade Linschoten did what? Dutch
Australia Hartog found… Dutch
Tasmania Tasman found… Dutch
East India Company Hudson worked for… Dutch
Vessel – half moon Hudson’s ship… Dutch
Wanted NW passage Hudson wanted to find… … Dutch
Found Hudson river Hudson ACTUALLY found… Dutch
Created by: 1054161287