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the growth of cities

In 1550 how many cities had populations greater than 10000? 156
What century had a decline in urban development? 17th century
What happened in 1750? New cities were born. Older and smaller cities grew.
What were the cities that grew the most 1600-1750? Capitals and ports
Who came up with the term "an urban growth from below"? Jan De Vries
What fostered the growth of smaller towns and cities near factories especially in Britain? The Indiustrial Revolution
Where was poverty more visible within cities? Crime, prostitution, vagrancy, begging, and alcoholism
In the Upper Class what the form of government? Oligarchy
Who were the most dynamic element of the urban population? Middle class
What made artisans economically vulnerable? The possibility of poor harvests
What was a staple for the poor? Bread
1753 London Protestant mobs compeled the government
Lord George Gordon Raised the specter of an imaginary Catholic plot after the government relieved military recruits from anti-Catholic oaths
Created by: Cianci