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Ch. 6

Pausanias historian who visited Olympiad around 160-270 AD
Alpheios river Olympia is on
Altis a sacred precinct of Zeus - marked by low wall
Altar of Zeus open air - 'great' altar
Oracle of Zeus seers highly regarded for military advice
Temple of Hera located within altis
treasuries built by city-states to house their offerings to Zeus
Chryselephantine gold and ivory!
sculptural program myths of Pelops, Heracles, Theseus - adorned the temple of Zeus
"iconic statues" granted to 3X olympic winners
stadium small running track w/ grass hills for spectators. 20+ tracks
hippodrome for horses! yo
5-day festival for Zeus Drinking, praying, feasting, celebration in July-Aug
Hellanodikai judges of greeks
spondophohroi heralds who announced the festivals' arrival
ekecheina hands off
eirene total peace
theoria gift bearing delegations of state reps
oaths "do nothing evil" against the games
Zeus Horkios statue of oath
age classes boys and men separated
phybollia spectactors showered with foliage and fruit
eiselasis a triumphal parade
homecoming of Exainetos procession of charity - hole made in city wall for him
stadion sprint of 190 M
diaulos double race of 400M - down and back
dolichos long race of 20-24 laps (7.5-9km)
hoplitodromes race in armor - down and back
pentathalon broadjump, discuss, javelin, running, wrestling (pale)
halteres hand weights
Kleomedes of Astypalaia killed Ikkos in boxing - lost victory - lost mind - killed children
Zanes statue of Zeus built by imposed fines on athletes who 'arrogantly' broke the rules
hysplex starting mechanism for running
aphesis starting mech for horses
sortition relying on luck and chance
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