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Ch 5 Lat

Olympia Zeus, at Olympia, every 4 years
776BC first Olympic games
1896 AD first modern Olympic games
Panhellenic all of greece
Pierre de Coubertin archaeologist who discovered and uncovered Olympia "Father of modern olympics"
Wenlock Olympic Games Dr. WP Brookes. Yearly since 1850 in Shropshire, England
Amateurism without money or prize (payment)
Professionalism with money as prize
Olympic torch and flame invented by Hitler in 1936 games in Berlin. Ironically, shadowed the countries Hitler would take over.
Marathon 25 mile run 1896 games
Pheidippides the day courier. Supposedly ran 200 miles to Sparta. Ran 25 miles after battle and died.
Heracles Celebrated labor and conflict by establish Oly. in Pisa to honor zeus
Pelops assisted by Poseidon in trickery to win chariot race held by Oinomaos of Pisa for Hippodaemia
Kalos handsome
fillets ribbons - like metals
courting gifts rabbits and gamecocks
pederasty love (sexual) of young boys
pedophilia love (ambiguous) for young children
Created by: berge