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4 dairy products highest to lowest milk fat butter 30%- 45%, cream 30%-35%, ice cream 10%, milk
Size destination for shell eggs
Value equation value= quality * serivce / price
seafood/ fish product specs appropriate species market name market form/ packaging style preservation/ preparation method brand sizes grade shipping method distribution method temperature on arrival weight % of glaze % of live shellfish & of breading
butter Grade AA sweet cream Grade A Grade B Grade AA and A 80%fat
Quality grades young/older animals
Beef carcass bone, muscle, round, short loin, rib, chuck
meat when exposed to oxygen and why becomes bright, cherry red
what gives meat its color myoglobin is the protien that holds the oxgyen. the amount in the muscles of different animals is what gives meat its color.
Testing committee fuctions assist in setting up purchase specs assist in buy or make analysis maintain a continous tasting program to montior costs, qualtiy, taste and presentation
Testing committee people top management food and beverage director purchasing agent, chef or food production manager, catering manager
no-roll mean
Finincail aspects buying power, good credit
inspection and grading
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