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C-130 BA

For Syallbus

How many steps are for the Oxygen Check List 7
If the propeller fails to rotate withing apporoximately 5 seconds affter the pilot states, "turing" for each engine Negative Rotation
Usually seen with fuel enrichment is used, explosive ignition or if ITI is over 100 degrees Torching, Ground Evac
Excess fuel/ Oil. Ball of flame out exhaust Tailpipe fire
If there is a down pour of fluids coming from the nacelle doors surrounding the engine. Prop leaks included. Shut down the affected engine when the necessary correctiv action fails to rememdy adverse condition. Visible Fluid Leak
Abandon airplane- one long sustained ring of bell, if verbal usage is not permitted. Muster point 300+ feet away from A/C. Ground Evacuation
Standing tall and feathered or not feathered all the way. Feathered Prop
Detecting the location of the temp light and close the divider shut of valve to close bleed air to the side of the wing/aircraft.One operating AC unit will continue to operate Bleed Air Duct Failure inside A/C
If reservioir is low, check for fluid loss at units being supplied by malfunctioning system. Hydraulic System Failure
Isolate unit(s) causing leak. Reservice system if possible. Land as soon as practicable. Hydraulic System Failure
If leak cannot be isolated, leave pump switches OFF and land as soon as possible. Hydraulic System Failure
In the event utility or booster hydraulic pressure in excess of 3500 psi is indicated, do not shut off the individual hydraulic pump switces. Failed hydraulic pump compensator.
Door Warning Light
Created by: mandi02
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