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Skeletal System Ch.6

Acetabulum a socket in the pelvic bone where the thigh bone joins the pelvis
Acromion Highest part of the shoulder where the clavicle and scapula meet
Articulation A joint which binds two bones together
Ligaments Connective tissue which binds bone to bone
Skeletal Muscles a.k.a voluntary or striated muscles which attach to bone
Smooth Muscles muscles found in visceral organs and blood vessles
Synovial Joints freely moving joints
Tendons connective tissue which binds muscle to bone
Condyle knucklelike projection at the end of a bone
Diaphysis main shaftlike portion of a bone
Epiphyseal Line layer of cartilage that seperates the diaphysis from the epiphysis
Epiphysis the end of a bone
False Ribs Rib pairs 8 through 10. Connect to vertebrae in the back but not to the sternum in the front
Flat Bones Bones that are broad and thing with flat or curved surfaces, such as the sternum
Floating Ribs Rib Pairs 11 and 12
Fontanelle Space between the bones of an infants cranium; soft spots
Foramen hole in a bone through which blood vessels or nerves pass
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