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Whats the function of a purchasing department Purchasing Production Sales and marketing Control
Percieved Quality customers overall perception of qualtiy
Primal cuts into retail cuts beef-brisket, plate, flank, foreshank
Different contracts Oral, written, expressed, implied
Different types of wholesalers (4) Limited function Prime supply
Percieved Value customers opinion of products value to them
Edible Portion Cost Equal to the AP price per portion dividedby its edible yield percentage.
As Purchased Price Price charged by the vendor.
Cuts of muscle meats( age, color)
Expectation of value packaged meat The color will be drained an seem purple
Types of value Place value- required product to right place Time value- products avaiable at right time Form value- products are furthered processed Informational- details provided to encahnce value to operation
Different markets primary, secondary, local, supermarkets
Consideration on buying fresh produce Intended use Availability Quantity Storage Yield Specfication
Quality grades for fresh produce Grade A fancy Grade B choice Grade C standard
When buying meat using emps numbers I am...
16/20 tail on shrimp means.. 16 shrimp in a pound means that the shrimp is big
Different packaging mediums for produce(containers) Blister Pack-injection molding plastic film to form to the size of product Flat- rectangular container corrugated Lug- sturdy container corrugated for soft items
What happens when a producet travels through world food disbrutition system
Par stock The maxium amount of product you want to have on hand between delerives.
F.I.F.O First in first out
Physical inventory Is in actual counting and valuing of procudts you have in your restruant.
Prepuatal inventory keeping book inventory continous in agreement with stock on hand within specific time periods
Things to do to prevent secruity problems screening of employees before hire Document cash paid-outs. Delivery person initails your copy Never pay invoices with PObox as address Those who buy should never pay bills Cancel paperwork Employees go through one door, shouldnt park close
Top 4 Quality grades Beef- prime, choice, good standard Veal- prime, coice, good, standard Lamb- prime, choice, good, standard Pork- No 1, No 2, No 3, No 4
Major primal cuts lamb- Leg, Loin, Rack, Shoulder Veal- Shoulder, rack, loin, leg Pork- Ham, loin, boston butt, shoulder Beef- chuck, rib, loin, round
13 Products lines fresh & Frozen meats Fresh & Frozen poultry Fresh & Frozen seafood Fresh & Frozen produce coffee and spices Frozen fruits and vegtables Canned goods and groceries Convienience foods and entress
Box beef terms Bark- fat outside cover on carcass, primal, or sub primal cut. Lip-on- the tail left on a ribeye after removal of all bone. No-roll- term for US inspected bt no US graded carcass r boxed beef. Steer- A castrated male beef animal. Useable cost-purcha
What is par stock, how is it calculated Subtract the minimum (reorder point) amount you have on hand- from the par stock.
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