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french terms

chevreuil shev-roy vension
entrecote on-truh-koht
farci fahr-see stuffed
galatine gah-lon-teen boned and suffed with forcemeat cooked, chilled and glazed in aspic
gibier zhee-bee-ay game
gigot zheeh-goh lef of mutton
jambon jhon-bohn ham
lapin lah pan rabbit
ris de veau ree duh voh calf sweetbreads
roti roh-tee roast
roulade roo-lahd a thin slice of meat olled around a filling tied and baked or braised
sanglier son-glee-ay wild boar
saucisse soh-sees sausage
tete de veau teht duh voh calf's head
tournedos toorn-doh beef filet or tenderloin
Created by: babygirl2010