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ap euro ch13

ch13 vocab

Price Revolution a dramatic rise in prices (inflation). a major problem in europe in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, causes economic collapse in spain
Cardinal Richelieu minister of king louis xviii, appointed by marie de medici , had the real power, wanted to curb power of nobility, 32 generalities, military provinces france was divided into
Versailles a palace built in the 17th century for louis xiv southwest of paris near the city of versailles. meant to impress and scare nobility, foreigners, and commoners this palace was where louis xiv moved his court in order to keep them under his control
Time of Troubles followed death of ivan iv without heir early in 17th century; boyars attempted to use vacuum of power to reestablish their authority; ended with selection of michael romanov as tsar in 1613.
Charles I (England) king of england, scotland, and ireland (1625-1649). his power struggles with parliament resulted in the english civil war (1642-1648) in which charles was defeated. he was tried for treason and beheaded in 1649
The Restoration the re-establishment of the monarchy in england under charles ii. both houses of parliament were restored but the religious tensions still were present in england
Guild system a system for specialized workers in the medieval times. it would set regulations for price and other factors to eliminate competition in the town, kept the number of people in a specific job limited, had to go through apprenticeship-journey man-master
War of the League of Augsburg (Nine Year's War) an aggressive war waged by louis xiv against spain and the empire and england and holland and other states (1689-1697)over "stolen" land. led to famine/depression for france
Treaty of Nystad
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