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Spcl Senses: The Ear

Medical terminology pertaining to the Ear

One who specializes in disorders of hearing audiologist
The study of hearing disorders audiology
An instrument used to measure hearing audiometer
Measurment of the hearing senses audiometry
An instrument that conveys sound to the auditory nerve through teeth or bone audiphone
Pertaining to the sense of hearing auditory
Pertaining to the ear aural
The external portion of the known as the flap auricle
Pertaining to both ears biaural
Earwax cerumen
A tumor-like mass filled with epithelial cells and cholesterol cholesteatoma
Portion of the inner ear shapes like a snail shell cochlea
Complete or partial loss of the ability to hear deafness
Organ of hearing and equillibrium ear
A recording of the electrical activity produced when cochlea is stimulated electrocochleography
Pertaining ti within the ear endaural
Clear fluid contained within the labyrinth endolymph
A state of balance equillibrium
A narrow tube between the middle ear and the throat. eustachian tube
Surgical operation in which a new opening is made in the labyrinth of the inner ear fenestration
The anvil, the middle of the three ossicles incus
The inner ear; made up of the vestibule, cochlea and semicircular canals labyrinth
Surgical excision of the labyrinth labyrinthectomy
Inflammation of the labyrinth labyrinthitis
Incision of the labyrinth labyrinthotomy
The hammer, the largest of the three ossicles malleus
Pain in the mastoid mastoidalgia
Inflammation of the mastoid mastoiditis
A disease of the inner ear (labyrinth) that has recurring symptoms Meniere's diseases
Pertaining to one ear monaural
Surgical excision of the tympanic membrane myringectomy
Surgical repair of the tympanic membrane myringoplasty
An instrument used to measure the eardrum myringoscope
An instrument used for cutting the eardrum myringotomy
Small bone (malleus, incus or stapes) ossicle
Pertaining to the ear otic
Inflammation of the ear otitis
Inflammation ofthe middle ear otitis media
Pain in the ear; earache otodynia
One who specializes in the study of the ear and larnyx otolaryngologist
The study of the ear an larnyx otolaryngology
Ear stone otolith
A fungus condition of the ear otomycosis
The study of ear conditions with nerve complications otoneurology
Pertaining to the ear and pharnyx otopharngeal
Surgical repair of the ear otoplasty
Flow of pus from the ear otopyorrhea
The study of the ear, nose and larnyx otorhinolarngology
A hardening condition of the ear characterized by progressive deafness otosclerosis
An instrument used to examine the ear otoscope
Membrane in the middle ear into which fits the footplate of the stapes oval window
Serum fluid of the inner ear perilymph
Impairment of hearing in old age presbycusis
A hearing test made with a tuning fork to compare bone conduction Rinne test
Surgical excision of the stapes in the ear stapedectomy
The stirrup, the innermost of the ossicles stapes
A ringing or jingling sound in the ear tinnitus
Surgical excision of the tympanic membrane tympanectomy
Pertaining to the eardrumtympanic Pertaining to the eardrum
An electronic thermometer that is used to determine core body temperature tympanic thermometer
Inflammation of the tympanic membrane tympanitis
Surgical repair of the tympanic membrane tympanoplasty
A small sac-like structure of the labyrinth of the inner ear utricle
Dizziness, light-headedness, caused by a disturbance of the equillibrium organs in the labyrinth vertigo
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