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Drugs #181-190


namantine Namenda NMDA receptor inhibitor/ Treats Alzheimer dementia
ethyl estradiol + norethindrone Loestrin 24 Fe oral contraceptive/ Used for birth control
tizanidine Zanaflex skeletal muscle relaxant/ treats skeletal muscle spasms
aspart insulin Novolog rapid acting insulin/ treats type I diabetes
methocarbamol Robaxin centrally acting muscle relaxant/ treats mild to moderate pain
clebetasol propionate Clobex super potent topical steroid/ used for inflamation of the skin
bisoprolol + HCTZ Ziac beta andrenergic antagonist+ Thiazide diuretic/ treats hyper-tension
varenicline Chantix blocks the effects of nicotine/ used to stop smoking
nitroglycerin NitroQuick nitrate vasodialator/ treats angina VHF
raloxifene Evista select estrogen receptor modifier/ prevents and treats osteoporosis due to menopause
Created by: chino