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quiz 2 p 2

quiz 2 pt 2

functional proteins regulate chemical reactions
structural proteins componet of body support tissues
dna encodes hereditary info
rna helps decode hereditary info acts as a rna enzyme
ATP tansfer energy from fuel molecules to working molecules
CP/ creatine phosphate transfers energy from fuel to ATP
saturated fatty acids is one in which all available bonds of its hydrocarbon chain are filled, that is, saturates, with hydrogen bonds
unsaturated fatty acids is one or more double bonds in its hydrocarbon chain because not all the chain's carbons are saturated with hrdrogen atoms
phospholipids are fat compunds similar to triglycerides; they however have 3 fatty acids attached to glycerol
the head of a phospholipid is _____ and the tail is _______. hydrophilic, hydrophobic
prostaglandins often called tissues hormones
enzymes are function proteins that bring molecules together or split them apart in chemical reactions
amino acids the elements that make up a protein molecule and are bonded toegether
essential amino acids they cannot be bproduced by the body and must be included in the diet
nonessential amino acids can be produced from other amino acids or from simple orgaic molecules readily avalible to the body cells.
petide bond is one that binds the carboxyl froup of one amino acid to the amino group of another
dehydration synthesesis subunits are joined toegether, resulting in a loss of water
hydrolysis requries the addition of a water molecule to break a bond
denature loses it function for the protein
renature brings is back to its normal function
denature is cause by change in temp, change in pH, radiation and hazardous chemicals.
Dna molecoles are the largest molecules in the body
what are the two kinds of base pair in DNA? A-T and G-C
Dna is the featuring molecule that stores the master code of all the genes needed to make the various RNA and protein molecules in the body.
RNA ac ac temporary copies of the master code of hereditary info in the DNA and are involved in the process called protein synthesis
tRNA is used by the cell to grap a specific amino acid and place it in the correct sequence when building a primary protein strand
RNA enzyme i.e ribozyme is involved in editin gthe code of RNA strand by removing sections of the code and joining the remaining parts
A cell at rest a ________ concentraion, where a active cell has _______ but is constantly rebuilding its stores. high ATP concentration, less ATP
an exhausted cell has ________ concentration and __________ levels of ATP. High ADP, very low levels
toxins that enter the body can cause damage to our own molecules; they comine with our molecules to render them useless, or owtherwise disrupting the normal chemcial balance and chemical activity of our bodies
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