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Exploration - Rev.

Mrs. Renshaw's Ch. 1 Study Guide

Why do people in Brazil speak Portuguese? Portugal explored and claimed the land
Why did European disease have such a devastating effect on Native Americans? They had no resistance to the diseases
Name 2 important Renaissance artists Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
How did economics play a role in European colonies? Europe wanted more sources of raw materials for maufacturing
Which animal from the Old World helped native people hunt and trade over large areas? Horse
What was the Columbian Exchange? Moving of animals,plants,people,and diseases from the Old World to the New World and from the New World to the Old
Name some foods from the New World Corn,peppers,potatoes,peanuts, and tomatoes
Name some foods from the Old World Coffee, sugar, rice, peaches,olives
Define plantations Large commercial farms
Who defined the boundaries of the Spanish and Portuguese empires? The Pope
Who colonized Australia and why? Great Britain They needed a place to keep prisoners.
Whose book increased interest in Asia? Marco Polo
What was the Triangular Trade? Trans-Atlantic trade pattern with 3 stages
Who broke with the Catholic Church and made himself head of the Church of England? King Henry VIII
What happened during the Industrial Revolution? Workers formed trade unions,people moved to the city,steam was used for power
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin and where did it spread? Began in Great Britain and spread to other parts of Europe and the world
Which European nations had the greatest impact on Latin America? Spain and Portugal
Name some countries where most people speak English as their 1st language. Australia, North America and United Kingdom
Who is credited with Portugal's exploration success? Prince Henry the Navigator
What were the 3 Gs? God, Glory, and Gold
Who was Martin Luther? A monk who wrote the 95 Theses to protest against the selling of indulgences
Who became part of the work force during the Industrial Revolution? Women and children
What is Cartography? Science of making accurate maps and globes
What was the Astrolabe? Instrument invented by the muslims that helped explorers calculate their position by measuring how the sky looked.
What is a Colony? Group of people living in a new territory with ties to a distant state.
What is a Penal Colony? Which country was colonized for this purpose? Colony used to house prisoners
Who are indigenous people? Why did so many of them die when the explorers arrived? Native to a region
Industrial Revolution A shift from hand tools driven by by animal or human power to large-scale machinery powered by fuels or natural resources.
What was Britain's primary goal in building an empire? Gaining wealth and power
What is an example of the long lasting impact of the Columbain Exchange in South America? Spanish is the main spoken language
How could immunity have prepared Native Americans for the Columbian Exchange? Protected them from diseases like smallpox and the flu.
As the European powers grew more industrialized - what did they need from the colonies? Raw materials
Which islands did Christopher Columbus think were part of Asia? The Bahamas
In 1815, which nation became the fist superpower? What countries could be considered superpowers today? Great Britain USA, Russia, China
What is imperialism? When 1 country takes over another country.
Areas colonized by Portugal Brazil and the West coast of Africa
Areas colonized by Spain North and South America, the Philippines
Areas colonized by Great Britain North America, Australia and India
Areas colonized by France Canada, Haiti, and West Africa
Created by: arenshaw