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CBRN Practice

Why does the CE squadron traditionally have a higher percentage of civilians than any other squadron on base? The need for continuity
Which CE flight is commanded by the second highest ranking officer in the squadron? Operations
Who is usually the highest grade civilian in the CE squadron? Deputy BCE
Which civil engineer flight is home to the crafts shops? Operations
Which CE flight is responsible for counter-chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) planning, training, and response? Readiness and Emergency Management
How many elements are in the Readiness and Emergency Management flight? Two
Which Readiness and Emergency Management Element is responsible for supporting a cross-functional program that integrates planning, exercises and training? Emergency Management
Which Readiness and Emergency Management element is responsible for Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) and air and space expeditionary force (AEF) reporting? Expeditionary Engineering
Which element has an operations SNCO that reports directly to the Readiness and Emergency Management flight chief? Expeditionary Engineering
Which CE flight performs initial on-site detection for CBRNE materials involving improvised explosive devices, suspect package, bomb threat, and munitions responses? Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Which Air Force Instruction covers the Prime BEEF program? AFI 10-210
Which CE flight manages the Prime BEEF program? Readiness and Emergency Management
Which characters define the Civil Engineer career fields? 3E
What title are you awarded after completion of all 5 skill level requirements? Journeyman
What is the Air Force's planned program for training called? Enlisted Specialty Training (EST)
What does job specialty training consist of? A mix of formal and informal training
What skill level and grade is a Chief Enlisted Manager? 9-level, E-9
Which training prioritization code means “MISSION IMPAIRMENT” and severely restricts operation if training is not provided”? B
What CerTest test covers a specific topic and must be passed to move on to another area of study? Post Test
For annual certification documentation, which Air Force form is used? 1098
Which AF Form is the On-the-Job-Training Record? 623
The CFETP is located inside the On the job training record
AF Form 623 is maintained by the supervisor
/a requestor is also known as a customer
Which guideline does not help your image with a customer? Impress your customer with your job knowledge
Which AF form is used to get approval to do self-help work? AF Form 332, BCE Work Request
Which method is used to request emergency and urgent work? Service Call
Which AF Form authorizes military family housing renovation jobs? AF 1219, BCE Mulit-Craft Job Order
Which AF Form authorizes work needing detailed planning or large bills of materials? AF 327, BCE Work order
What scope and frequency limits determine items put into the Recurring Work Program More than $500 in value, and at least yearly maintenance required
What type of maintenance actions are not part of the Recurring Work Program (RWP)? Utility Operations
Which factor is not considered by CE when approving self-help work orders? The requestor's ability to supply materials
What must be included in a self-help work request submitted by a military familiy housing occupant? Statement of donor
What method does the AF use to program work requirements over a 12-month period? In-service work plan
The purpose of time accounting is to distribute hours and cost to work orders and account codes
What are the two methods of time accounting? Actual time accounting and exception time accounting
What does the order in which jobs are scheduled depend upon? The work in relation to the mission
Which scheduling method is used by CE? Weekly work schedule
Upon what action does efficient use of operations flight shops depend Planning
Who ultimately is responsible for the proper and correct administration of the Government Purchase Card (GPC) program within his/her office? Approving Official
What is the dollar amount limit for construction when using the Government Purchase Card? $2000
Government purchase cardholder must reconcile monthly statements within 5 work days
Why is Interim Work Information Management (IWIM)easier to use? It uses conventions in its programming
What does Interim Work Information Management (IWIM) provide to base and major command commanders? Real time data
Besides CE, who also received a copy of warranty evaluations? Base Contracting Officer
How often are the documents selected for warranty/guarantee enforcement reviewed? Quarterly
Who is responsible for instructing AF people in supply discipline? Supervisor
If you find Government property that apparently has been lost, stolen, or abandoned, what type of responsibility must you assume? Custodial
When the amount of property missing is more than $500, what must be prepared? Report of Survey
When lifting heavy loads, instead of your back, use your legs
Which injury is the number one cause of lost worker time? Back
Which action is an ongoing requirement of a good safety program? Regular safety briefings
What are the best teachers of safety? Real life experiences
Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements? Installation Commander
Reducing the amounts of hazardous waste is an ongoing process and the responsibility of everyone
Storage of hazardous waste in an accumulation point must not exceed 90 days
The primary goal of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) is to promote reuse and recycling of valuable resources
Air Force Policy on lead based paint (LBP) requires installations to identify, evaluate, control, and eliminate existing LBP hazards
What are two types of asbestos? Serpentine and amphibole
Which type of asbestos possesses the greatest risk of releasing fibers inthe air? Friable
What are government owned contractor operated (GOCO) facilities not required to conduct an internal Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program (ECAMP) Assessment? When external assessments are conducted
During an ECAMP assessment, findings that pose a direct threat to human health are annotated as Significant
The National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) process is intended to help public officials make decisions based upon Environmental consequences
Which publications can originate at major command (MAJCOM) level? Field
What publications are issued by the Secretary of the Air Force (SAF)? Special
What type of standard publication suggests guidance that can be modified to fit the circumstances? Non-directive
What type of publications is a technical order (TO)? Special
What type of publication is the National Response Framework? Non-Air Force Publication
What numeric series of publications contains civil engineer publications? 32
What civil engineer publications are a means of reapidly sending guidance in facility design? Engineering technical letters
Waht type of publications are legal orders signed by the commander? Technical orders
How many types of technical orders are there? 5
Technical orders (TO) indexes always start with which number series? 00-
Mobile self-sufficient unit capable of heavy engineering operations RED HORSE
Composed of officers and enlisted personnel at CE squadrons on installations worldwide Prime BEEF Team
Provides contingency, operations, and technical support to AF installations and civil engineers worldwide AFCESA
Provides trained units and qualified people for active duty in time of war AFRC
Can be mobilized by state governors ANG
MISSION ESSENTIAL. Inability to continue operation if the requested training is not provided CODE A
MISSION IMPAIRMENT. Will severely restrict operation if training is not provided CODE B
MISSION DEFICIENCIES. Failure to support training will ultimately cause some mission impairment CODE C
PERSONAL/CAREER PROGRESSION REDUCED. Although short range CE mission impact is not anticipated, the lack of training will impair mission accomplishment of personnel CODE D
Workhard, study effectively, cooperate with other workers, listen to and respond positively to immediate supervisor 4 rules of success
Training codes are used to prioritize training slots allocations
Used to request formal training for Active Duty members AF Form 403
How is CerTest organized by AFSC
Used to document certification requirements STS or AF Form 797
The best way to identify and organize training requirements Master Task List (MTL)
Used for annual certification AF Form 1098
Used to request formal training for AFRC personnel AF Form 101
Report of Task AF Form 803
OJT Action Request Form AF Form 2096
Training Chart AF Form 1320
A time-phased schedule that implements the training program Training Plan
Courses made up, taught, or managed by HQ AETC, MAJCOM, or other specialized centers Formal Training
Training that consists of both knowledge and performance training and results in the trainee becoming capable of doing designated tasks unsupervised Qualification Training
Training that contributes directly or indirectly to mission achievement, but is separate from requirements of an individual's primary specialty Ancillary Training
Follow-on, advanced training to develop in-depth expertise within a specialty Continuation Training
All duties and tasks done in your work center Job
A major subdivision of the job Duty
Additional job requirements that support your primary duty Additional duties
Selected and grouped together tasks Workcenter duty positions
The lowest level of behavior in a job that describes the complete performance of a meaningful function in a job Task
All of the steps performed to accomplish the task Task activities
Emergency work a condition which will slow down or stop the mission.
Urgent work non-emergency work, but needs to be done within 7 calendar days.
Routine work work that should be done within 30 calendar days, but does not qualify as emergency or urgent work.
Minor construction work requiring little or no resources, except in MFH.
AF Form 332 Used as a request for work or approval; used to identify maintenance and repair needs; used to get approval for self help projects
AF Form 1879 Used to authorize DSW and does not require detailed planning, special costing, close coordination between shops or lots of material
AF Form 327 Used to authorize DSW and requires detailed planning, special costing, close coordination between shops or lots of material
AF Form 1219 Authorizes work zone and MFH renovation jobs.
AF Form 1841 Used to identify recurring maintenance actions
AF Form 561 Used to schedule upcoming week's work for a shop
AF Form 1734 Used to record labor in the computer
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