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What are the guidelines for resusiation? 1. Check for reponsiveness. 2. Call 911. 3. Check Carotid Pulse, Start CPR. 4. Attach Defibruilator, give single shock.
What is high quality CPR? 1. At least 100 BPM. 2. Push down atleast 2". 3. Allow complete chest recoil. 4. Switch compressors every two minutes. 5. Avoid excessive Ventricular. 6. NO interuptions greater then 10 seconds.
What do you give for refractory VF/VT? Aminodarone 300 Bolus then 150mg.
What is the atropine does for bradycardia? 0.5mg not to exceed 3mg
What is no longer given for aystalic or PEA? Antropine
What do you give for Monomorphic Wide Complex Tachycarda of uncertain type? Adenosine 6mg IV fast lift arm.
What type and energy level is used when cardioverting A-FIB. Synchronized 120-200 Joules.
What is the treatment of unstable SVT? Synchronized 50-100 Joules.
What is the treatment of unstable Monomorphic VT? Synchronized VT 100 Joules.
What are the characteristics of pulseless VT? 1. Rate usually greater than 180. 2. Very wide QRS. 3. No pulse. 4. Orginates in Ventricles
What should you consider for post cardiac arresst care? Hypothermia- cool down to 32-34 degrees for 12-24 hours or Percutaneous Coranary Intervention in less than 90 minutes.
What is the windoe for acute Ischermic stroke fibrolytic theraphy? Three hours. [Selected Group [3-4.5]
Airway management should include? Waveform Capnography.
Created by: NickGivens