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Social Studies

Chapter 13: Early History of Europe Study Guide

Crusade A religous war
Middle Ages Period which lasted from 500 until about 1500
Nation-State A country united under a single strong government
Manor A large estate owned by a noble or knight
Republic A type of government in which people elect leaders to mak elaws for them
Golden Age A period in society's history marked by great achievements
City-States A political units made up of a city and all the surrounding lands
Senate A council of rich and powerful Romans who helped run the city
Empire A government that includes many different people and lands under a single rule
Athens A city-state in Eastern Greece
What temple in Athens was a symbol of the city ? The Parthenon
Whta ended Greeces Golden Age ? Greece was torn apart by a war between Athens and its rival city-state
Who was Pericles ? A famous leader in all of Athenian history
What was the purpose of the Crusades ? He wanted Europeans to take over Holy Land
What caused Rome's decline ? Poor government and bad emperors
What was part of Greek literature ? A book, films,and many plays
Who first used voting to make major decisions The Athens`
Why is Constantine remembere ? Constantine became christian
What are some characteristics of Greek Statues ? Beautiful, lovely, creative, and strong
What military advantages did the persians have over the Greeks? Their military is bigger and stronger
Who are three Greek philosophers ? Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
What does Hellenistic refer to ? Refers to blended cultures
What kept the European people together even after the fall of the Roman Empire ? Octavien kept it together
How did early Christianity spread ? By the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
What are the characteristics of the Gothic Architecture ? Elaborate stained glass windows
Who is the head of the Christian church and what did they encourage ? God and Christianity
How did churches serve as the center of life during the Aiddle Ages ? Religous subjects
How did Rome;s government change after the Republic fell apart ? They got more leaders
What role did Rome's leaders play in the spread of Christianity ? They believed
What made the Feudal system during the Middle Ages so complex, confusing and possibly dangerous The rules changed constantly
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