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Food Sci

free water acts as a solvent
adsorbed water structural water
bound water water of hydration
moisture content the absolute amount of water present in food
water activity ratio of the water vapor pressure of a food to the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature
invert sugar sucrose hydrolyzed into a mixture of glucose and fructose
invertase makes invert sugar
solution homogenous mixtures of a solute dissolved in a solvent
suspension unstable heterogenous mixture of two or more substances
colloidal dispersion stable heterogenous mixture of two or more substances
carob bean/locust bean gum composed of galactose and mannose units
carob bean/locust bean gum used in dairy products paired with other gums
guar gum used in meat foods and sauces; more soluble than carob bean gum
pectin used in the manufacture of jams and jellies
xanthan gum made by fermentation of bacteria; less viscous
agar from seaweed
carrageenan interacts with milk proteins; from seaweed
alginate from seaweed, interacts with glucose, forms egg box structure
retrogradation when chains of amylose and amylopectin re-associate and re-order
alpha amylase enzyme that cuts starch randomly
beta amylase cuts maltose off starch
glucoamylase cuts glucose off starch
glucose isomerase converts glucose to a mixture of glucose and fructose
sweet receptors most concentrated on the front of the tongue
bitter receptors most concentrated in the back of the tongue
salty receptors most concentrated in the tip of the tongue
sour receptors most concentrated on the sides of the tongue
conjugated proteins proteins combined with non-amino acid structures
conjugated fatty acids fatty acids with two or more double bonds separated by a a single bond
dyes water soluble colorants
lakes suspension of organic colorants in inorganic salt
toxic ability to produce injury independent of dose
harmful ability to cause injury under normal conditions of use
sulforaphane broccoli
isoflavonoids soy
organoselenium almonds, sprouts
organosulfur garlic, onions
licorice stimulates the heart; glycerrhizic acid
nutmeg and mace hallucinogen; myristicin
celery sedative; psoralin- carcinogen
carrots neurotoxin; cartatoxin
tomatoes neurotoxin; tomatine
mushrooms hydrazine, carcinogen
oleander oleandrin; cardioglycoside
sassafras safrole, carcinogen
black pepper piperine, carcinogen
sweet potato and other phytoalexins
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