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Unit 2

What the 1st step in Intramembranous Ossification? Osteoblasts cluster around Blood Vessels throughout the interior of the Connective Tissue ("ossification center")
What is the 2nd step in Intramembranous Ossification? Osteoblasts secrete a Collagen matrix (osteoid), providing a framework for deposition of calcium.
What is the 3rd step in Intramembranous Ossification? Calcium salts Crystallize forming a latticework of Trabeculae. Open spaces provide room for Red bone Marrow.
What is the 4th step in Intramembranous Ossification? Increased density of Trabeculae at the surface ----> Outer layer of Compact Bone with trapped Osteocytes.
What is the 5th step in Intramembranous Ossification? Periodic remodeling through resorption of existing bone by Osteoclasts. Original membrane becomes the Periosteum.
What is the 1st step in Endochondral Ossification? Enlargement of Hyaline cartilage model by Chondrocytes.
What is the 2nd step in Endochondral Ossification? Invasion of Perichondrium by Blood Vessels transforms it into the Periosteum, making bone.
What is the 3rd step in Endochondral Ossification? Cartilage model invaded by Blood Vessels and Osteoblasts from the Periosteum ----> "ossification centers"
What is the 4th step in Endochondral Ossification? Calcification of Cartilage creates Trabeculae (spongy bone) which causes the death of the Cartilage cells (chondrocytes).
What is the 5th step in Endochondral Ossification? Surface Osteoblasts form Compact bone against outer Periosteum.
What is the 6th step in Endochondral Ossification? Breakdown of bone Matrix by Osteoclasts creates a hollow cavity for Red marrow and later Yellow marrow, and lighten bone.
What is the 7th step in Endochondral Ossification? Lengthwise growth occurs at Epiphyseal Cartilage Plate; between the Diaphysis and Epiphysis.
What stimulates Endochondral Ossification? Pituitary growth hormone and Sex hormones.
When does Longitudinal growth stop? When the Diaphysis and the Epiphysis fuse together.
Where does the Endochondral Ossification occur? Cartilage Expansion is at the Epiphyseal border with Ossification at the Diaphyseal border in long bones (femur).
Created by: kristel387