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Unit 2 Terms


Axial the central part of the body/skeleton Head, Neck, Vertebral column, Thoracic
Appendicular an appendage or limb Arms, Legs
Pectoral Girdle point of attachment for bones of arm and hand Clavicle and Scapula
Pelvic Girdle point of attachment for bones of leg and foot Ilium, Ischium, and Pubis
Process any roughened protrusion or bump for Muscle Attachment - Mastoid
Spine an pointed process of slender ridge for Muscle Attachment - Scapula
Crest roughened, curved ridge for Muscle Attachment - Iliac
Condyle smooth, rounded knob forming a Joint distal end of Femur
Epicondyle prominence near a condyle - rough Muscle Attachment - distal end of Femur
Tubercle small, rounded nodule Muscle Attachment - proximal bumps
Tuberosity Large, Rough process Muscle Attachment - Radial
Trochanter very Large, Blunt projection proximal of Femur
Fossa Shallow, Pocket, often forming a joint Hip
Fovea small Pit - for ligament attachment in proximal head of Femur
Sulcus groove often for Blood Vessels
Facet Flat, Smooth pad - forming a joint/articulation Vertebrae
Foramen communicating holes for Blood Vessels and Nerves Foramen ovale, Optic Foramen, Foramen Magnum
Fissure narrow Slit or Gap for passage of Blood Vessels or Nerves - often Between Bones Superior Orbital Fissure
Orbit Deep socket for the Eyeball PF SMELZ
Meatus Entrance into a Tubular canal Within a bone Internal/External Auditory Meatus
Sinus Concealed, hollow cavity for lightening bones Frontal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid sinuses
Extension INCREASING the ANGLE between 2 bones extending the arm
Flexion DECREASING the ANGLE between 2 bones lifting the leg
Abduction moving AWAY from the MIDLINE side kicks
Adduction moving TOWARD the MIDLINE bringing legs together
Rotation REVOLVING around the center AXIS humerous
Circumduction the END of an appendage describes the CIRCLE rolling the head
Supination moving PALMS from POSTERIOR ---> ANTERIOR palms
Pronation moving PALMS from ANTERIOR ---> POSTERIOR palms
Protraction HORIZONTAL motion of a bodily part, ANTERIORLY stick out tongue
Retraction HORIZONTAL motion of a bodily part, POSTERIORLY put tongue back into mouth
Elevation VERTICAL motion, SUPERIORLY eyelids, shoulders
Depression VERTICAL motion, INFERIORLY shoulders
Plantar Flexion movement of the foot as HEEL ELEVATES stepping on gas pedal
Dorsiflexion movement of the foot as HEEL is DEPRESSED squats, walking
Created by: kristel387