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Gray's Anatomy- Introduction

human anatomy fully dev. ind, naked eye
systematic anatomy various structures separately
topographical anatomy regional anatomy
regional anatomy organs, tissues in relation to one another
histology minute structure of various comp. of body
embroylogy stages of intrauterine dev from fertilized ovum up to indep existence
comparative embroyology dev. of lower forms
comparative anatomy anatomy of adult forms in the line of human ancestry
applied anatomy anatomy applied to pathological conditions
surface anatomy anatomy of structures on or immidiately underlying to the surface
Osteology bone system, skeleton
syndesmology joints, articulations
Myology muscles, fasciae
angiology vascular system-- heart, bloodvessels, lymphatic vessels, lymph glands
neurology nervous system, sense organs
splanchnology visceral system, thoracic viscera, abdomino-pelvic viscera; heart (thoracic viscus) in angiology; respiratory appartaus, digestive apparatus, urogenital apparatus
anatomical position erect (standing) posture, arms hanging on sides, palms forward
median plane vertical antero-posterior plane, passes through center of trunk and through sagittal suture of skull
mid-saggital plane median plane
saggital plane any plane parallel to mid-saggital plane
frontal plane vertical, right angled to mid-saggital plane. through coronal suture of skull or parallel to it.
coronal plane frontal plane
transverse plane right angled to both saggital and coronal planes
anterior front
ventral anterior
posterior back
dorsal posterior
superior up
cephalic superior
inferior down
caudal inferior
medial near to median plane
lateral farther from median plane
superficial, deep describes depth from surface
external, internal describes cavities or hollow visceral
proximal, distal desc. limbs; dist. from the attached end of the limb.
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