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Connective Tissue

Large, star shaped Most common fixed cell Produce fibers by secreting proteins into the matrix Fibroblast
Play a role in immunity Specialized for phagocytosis Originate as white blood cells Clear foreign particles from tissues Important in the defense agasint infection Macrophage
Large and widely distributed Release heparin and histamine Usually located near blood vessels Mast Cells
Composed of mostly fibroblasts and bonds the skin to underlying organs Loose Connective Tissue (Areolar)
Found beneath the skin and around joints that fucntions in cushioning joints, insulation, and stores energy Adipose Tissue
Composed of thin, branched fibers of collagen and forms the framework of the lymph nodes and liver Reticular Connective Tissue
Very strong tissue that lacks a good blood supply and is located in tendons and ligaments Dense Connective Tissue (regular)
Contains yellow fibers and imparts an elastic quality to the spinal column Elastic Connective Tissue
Has a good blood supply and functions as a point of attatchment for muscles, support and protection Bone
Highly resistant to wear that is found on the ends of articulating bones Hyaline Cartilage
Serves as a shock-absorbing material between bones and is found in intervertebral disks Fibrocartilage
Provides strength and flexibility and located in the external ear and larynx Elastic Cartilage
Formed inside the bone and functions inlcude transportation of substances in the body Blood
Thicker, interwoven, and more randomly organized tissue found in the dermis Dense Connective Tissue (irregular)
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