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AFMAN 23-110

volume 1 (materiel managment)

how often is the USAF Supply Manual published quarterly in conjunction with the materiel management system software releases in January, April, July, and October
which volume and part of AFMAN 23-110 is used most by materiel management personnel volume 2, part 2
what are three ways of navigating through AFMAN 23-110 Table of contents, hyperlinks, seach/find tools
how are changes in AFMAN 23-110 idenitified by the summary of charges, dark red text, and a change bar on the left-hand side of the paragraph
what is an NSN a 13 character alpha numeric number associated with a specific item
what two entities make up the National Stock Number the federal supply class and the National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
what are the four major types of computer inquiries item record, detail record, part number record, and other records
what type of inquiry is used when detail records are to be read out for a specific document detail record is used when detail records are to be read out if a specific document number
what product can be reviewed to identify inquiry base M23
what type of codes is used on an item record inquiry to obtain specific data from the computer record retrieval
what information is shown on line one of an inquiry output your input image
In what format is the information on an inquiry output displayed narrative
what information is provided from a part number inquiry The NSN, a cage code, and technical order (TO)associated with that particular number
what record retrieval code is used to obtain repair cycle data 5
what releveling flag is used on an inquiry to obtain requirements computation data for a given stock number R
how far back can users query CTH records one year or more
what are the three CTH inquiry input formats (1) Stock Number (2) Transaction Serial # (3) Batch miscellaneous option inquiry
what three elements make up a reject phrase (1) a reject code (2) a descriptive phase (3) an action flag
when you receive a reject, what should you do first ensure that you put all the data in correctly
Created by: dwatson88
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