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Types Of

Broad CategorySpecific TypeExamples
Synarthroses Synostoses IMMOVABLE - complete bone fusion; Cranial Sutures, repaired Fractures
Synarthroses Synchondroses IMMOVABLE - surfaces joined by Hyaline Cartilage; Ribs to the Sternum, Epiphyseal growth plate
Amphiarthroses Symphyses SLIGHTLY movable - discs of Fibrocartilage between 2 bones; Pubic Symphysis, Intervertebral discs
Amphiarthroses Syndesmoses SLIGHTLY movable - connected by Ligaments alone; between Radius and Ulna; between Tibia and Fibula
Diarthroses Ball and Socket; triaxial motion Shoulder, Hip
Diarthroses Hinge; uniaxial Elbow, Interphalageal
Diarthroses Pivot; uniaxial, usually Rotation 1st/2nd Cerivcal Vertebrae
Diarthroses Planar/Gliding back and forth, side to side, SOME Rotation; Intercarpal and Intertarsal joints
Diarthroses Condyloid; biaxial motion back and forth, side to side, NO Rotation; Metacarpophalageal and Metatarsophalangeal joints
Diarthroses Saddle; biaxial motion 1st Metacarpal agaisnt its carpal; Only 1
Created by: kristel387