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Cianci - McKinney

The Ottoman Empire

Ottoman tribes (1400's) Conquered western European lands, ended Byzantine Empire
Ottoman Empire religion Originally a Muslim hotspot, but it was extremely diverse. However, non-Islamic people were restricted in some ways
Devshirme Christian elite soldiers raised as Muslims to form elite military units
Jannisaries Famous devshirme infantry
Ulama Scholars who focused on religion and politics. Supported state and were seen as advisers
1400's and onward Waged wars to gain lands in western Europe, but failed. Started the beginning of their decline
Internal causes of decline The Grand vizier gained power, which lead to power struggles. Nobles made more efforts to personalize power, which weakened the government.
External causes of decline Europe surpassed Ottoman Empire in terms of knowledge, science, military, and sea travel. Ottoman trade was obsolete.
Ottoman expansion Foreign wars cut them off from expansion.
Treaty of Carlowitz 1699. Required the empire to surrender important European land.
Advancement isolations New works of science weren't translated for the empire, and no efforts were made to learn from Europe
1700's Ottoman Empire began to borrow technology and advisers from Europe, but it didn't work well with internal structure
Created by: Cianci