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Med Term ASA Unit 4

ab- away from
abdomin/o abdomen
ad- toward
amni/o amnion
arthro joint
burs/o bursa
-centesis surgical puncture
chondr/o cartilage
cost/o rib
cyst/o urinary bladder, fluid filled sac
dont/o, dent/o, odont/o teeth, tooth
duct/o movement
dys- difficult or painful
fasci/o fascia, connecdts muscle to muscle
hydro- water
inter- between
-ist one who practices (specialist)
lumb/o lumbar
malac/o softening
menisc/o meniscus of the knee
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
odont/o tissue around the teeth
orth/o straight
-osis condition
oste/o bone
pelv/o pelvis
peri- around
-phobia abnormal fear
-plasia development
-plasty surgical repair
poli/o gray, gray matter
por/o porous
prosthet/o artificial limb
pub/o (ic) pubis
rheumat/o rheumatic, rheumatoid
-scope looking instrument
-scopy process of using a scope
supra above
ten/o, tendin/o, tendon/o tendon
thorac/o chest, thorax
abdomen belly area, cavity between the thorax
abdominocentesis surgical puncture of the abdomen to remove fluid
abduct move away from the midline
adduction movement away from the midline
aberrant wandering from normal location process or behavior
abnormal deverting from the average or expected
addiction habitual attraction, may include physical dependence
adhesions tissues grown together that are normally separate
anmiocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion to obtain cells for testing
arthritis inflammation of a joint
arthroplasty surgical repair of a joint
arthroscopy process of using an arthroscope to examine a joint
bursa serous sac between a tendon and bone
cardiocentesis surgical puncture of the heart to remove fluid
costectomy excision of a rib
cystocele herniation of the urinary bladder
cystoscopy process of examining the bladder using a scope
dysplasia poor of defective development
etiology study of the origin of a disease
fascia tissue that connects muscle to muscle
fracture break or crack
hydrocephalus fluid in the skull causing deformity and brain damage
intercostal pertaining to between the ribs
kyphosis hunch back posterior throacis curvature
ligament tissue that connects bone to bone
lumbar pertaining to the lower back
meniscitis imflammation of the meniscus
orthodontics dental practice of straightening teeth
osteitis inflammation of the bone
osteochondritis inflammation of the bone and cartilage
osteoma bone tumor
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
pericardium around the heart (membrane)
periodontal around the tooth
poliomyelitis inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
prosthesis artificial limb or other body part
rheumatology study of rhematic disease
supracostal above the rib
supracranial above or on top of the skull
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
tendon tissue that connects muscle to bone
thorax chest
When pronouncing the term "arthroscopy" the accent goes on which syllable? Thros
The word root for bone is: Oste
The combining form myelo means: bone marrow or the spinal cord
The suffix -plasty means: surgical repair
The prefix meaning between: inter-
The term periodontal refers to the Tissues around the teeth (gums)
The region of the abdomen below the right ribs is the: Right hypochondriac region
A person who makes artificial limbs is called a(n) prosthetist
The suffix for softening is: -malacia
What is the medical term for wandering away from the normal path Aberrant
The correct combining form for abdomen is abdomin/o
The membrane around the bone is called: Periosteum
Name the medical term for a(n)______________ physician that is a DO Osteopathic
Name the medical term for a porous condition of the bone Osteoporosis
Name the medical term for an instrument used to look into a joint Arthroscope
Name the medical term for an immature bone marrow cell Myeloblast
Name the medical term for tendon pain Tenalgia, Tenodynia, Tendinalgia
Name the medical term for plural for bursa Bursae
Name the medical term for the complete lack of development Agenesis
Name the medical term for the incision into a joint Arthrotomy
Name the medical term for between the ribs Intercostal
Name the medical term for inflammation of the rib and cartilage Costochodritis
Name the medical term for pertaining to the teeth or a tooth Dental
Name the medical term for inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord Poliomyelitis
Name the medical term for a physician specialist in bone and joint disorders Orthopedist
Name the medical term for an artificial body part Prosthesis
Name the medical term for pertaining to a location above the pubic bone suprapubic
Name the medical term for measurement of the pelvis Pelvimetry
Name the medical term for condition of bone loss Osteopenia
Name the medical term for movement carrying a body part toward the midline adduction, adduct, adducted, adducting
Name the medical term for unusual route or wandering from the normal path aberrant
Name the medical term for poor or abnormal development Dysplasia, Dystrophy, Dysgenesis
Noun for chest of chest cavity Thorax
Name the medical term for sack-like structure with clear fluid Hydrocyst, Cyst
Define addiction Attraction or compulsion toward a substance or habit
Define Hydrocele Herniation containing watery fluid
Define abdominocentesis Surgical puncture of the abdomen for removal of fluid
Define cystoscopy Looking (exam) into the urinary bladder using a scope
Define adhesions Tissues that grow together that are normally apart
Define athroplasty Surgical repair of a joint
Define osteomalacia Abnormal softening of the bone
Define rheumatology Study of arthritis and rheumatic disease
Define encephalomyelopathy Brain and spinal cord disease
give the correct medical abbreviation for dentist DDS
give the correct medical abbreviation for rheumatoid arthritis RA
give the correct medical abbreviation for chest x-ray CXR
give the correct medical abbreviation for cephalopelvic disproportion CPD
give the correct medical abbreviation for orthopedics Ortho, Orth
give the correct medical abbreviation for fracture Fx
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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