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A&P Lessons5

anatomy and physiology

Which of the following is not one of the four basic types of body tissues? Eye tissue
Which of the following characteristics is used to distinguish tissue types? Organization of cells
Histology is the study of tissues
The type of intercellular junction that functions as a rivet or "spot weld" is a(n) desmosome
The type of intercellular junction that forms tubular channels is a gap junction
The type of intercellular junction that consists of fused membranes is a tight junction
A basement membrane anchors epithelial to connective tissue.
Epithelial tissue functions in secretion, absorption, and protection.
The tissue through which gases are exchanged between the blood and the air in the lungs is simple squamous epithelium.
The type of epithelium that lines the urinary bladder and many of the urinary passageways is transitional
A carcinoma is a cancer originating from epithelium
Which type of tissue lines the follicles of the thyroid glands? Simple cuboidal epithelium
The type of epithelium that secretes into ducts that open onto surfaces like skin or into body fluids is glandular epithelium
A _______ gland branches repeatedly before reaching the glandular cells or secretory part. compound
Areolar tissue contains collagenous fibers, elastic fibers, and gel-like ground substance.
Tendons and ligaments are composed primarily of dense regular connective tissue.
Cartilage heals slowly because chondrocytes do not have direct blood supplies.
Bone cells form concentric circles around longitudinal tubes called central canals
Which of the following are cellular fragments? blood platelets
_______ produce connective tissue fibers. fibroblasts
Adipose tissue is a form of connective tissue
Extracellular matrix consists of ground substance and protein fibers.
A ________ membrane is composed entirely of connective tissue. synovial
Epithelial membranes are typically composed of epithelium and underlying connective tissue.
A _______ membrane has tubes and cavities that open to the outside of the body. mucous
"Cutaneous membrane" refers to skin
There are __ types of muscle cells. 3
Involuntary muscles are smooth and cardiac
Muscle cells with more than one nucleus are skeletal
Cardiac muscle is found in the wall of the none of the above
Smooth muscle is found in the wall of the stomach and intestine
The type of muscle in blood vessels is smooth
What is the function of neuroglia? They support and bind nervous tissue and provide nutrients and growth factors to neurons by connecting them to blood vessels.
All tissue types are tightly packed, built of cells attached by intercellular junctions. False
Intercellular junctions include gap junctions, tight junctions, and desmosomes. True
Epithelial tissues do not have blood vessels. True
The tissue that forms the outermost layer of the skin is a type of connective tissue. False
The soft part of the nose and the supporting rings of the respiratory passages are composed of fibrocartilage. False
Osteocytes release histamine and heparin. False
Bone cells (osteocytes) are in concentric circles around osteonic canals. True
Vascular tissue (blood) is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets suspended in a fluid intercellular matrix called plasma. True
Voluntary muscle is smooth muscle. False
Skeletal muscle lines hollow organs. False
A skeletal muscle fiber contains many nuclei. True
Glands that release entire cells filled with secretory products are called ______ glands. holocrine
Layers or groups of similar cells are called __ (lower case only) tissues
__ __ are responsible for joining cells together. intercellular junctions
Epithelial tissue is loosely packed with much extracellular matrix. False
Epithelial tissue is categorized according to its shape and number of layers
single layer of flattened cells that fit tightly together. simple squamous epithelial
made of many layers of cells and is usually very thick; cells near apical surface are flattened stratified squamous epithelial
single layer of cells with a centrally located nucleus; usually found lining glands and tubes simple cuboidal epithelial
have a layered appearance due to the location of the nuclei pseudostratified columnar epithelial
can change shapes in response to increased tension transitional epithelial
several layers of these cells; usually line larger ducts stratified cuboidal epithelial
several layers of cells; most superficial are elongated with basal layer being cube shaped stratified columnar epithelial
single layer of elongated cells with the nucleus near the basement membrane simple columnar epithelial
function primarily in production and secretion of substances into body fluid or ducts glandular epithelial
Where might you find a goblet cell? columnar epithelial
Tiny hair-like projections which extend from the free surface of a cell are called __ cilia
Exocrine glands secrete their product into tissue fluid or blood. False
Which of the following systems would NOT normally secrete mucus? lymphatic
Which of the following tissues types are the most abundant by weight in the human body? connective
Connective tissue functions to All of the above
A type of fixed cell found in C.T. that functions to produce fibers within the extracellular matrix are called fibroblasts
Which of the following types of cells is responsible for releasing heparin and histamine? mast cells
Which of the following cell types is responsible for phagocytosis? macrophages
The type of fiber found in tendons and ligaments is collagen or collagenous
Which of the following is the most rigid connective tissue? bone
Which type of tissue would be found in the brain and spinal cord? nervous
What is the basic type of cell found in nervous tissue? (lower case only) neuron
Endocrine glands produce hormones. true
Sweat glands are unicellular exocrine glands. false
Which of the following would be a thin, highly branched fiber that forms networks? reticular
around kidneys; behind eyeballs adipose
beneath skin; between muscles areolar
blood vessles; heart chambers blood
Bones of skeleton; middle ear bone
dermis of skin dense irregular
tendons; ligaments dense regular
walls of arteries; airways elastic CT
external ear; larnyx Elastic Cartilage
spinal column; pelvic girdle fibrocartilage
ends of bones; respiratory passageways Hyaline cartilage
liver, spleen reticular
neuroglial nervous
fibroblast Dense C.T.
adipocyte adipose
chondrocyte fibrocartilage
osteocyte bone
chondrocyte hyaline cartliage
erythrocyte blood
fibroblast areolar
build up on the arteries Atherosclerosis
long limbs, weakened aorta; sunken chest marfan syndrome
stretchy, easily scarred skin Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
build up of collagen deposited into extracellualr matrix fibrosis
painful joints Osteoarthritis
easily broken bones; deafness; blue sclera Ostogenisis imperfecta
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