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flashcards for games

computer An electronic device that manipulates data.
laptop A portable usually battery-powered microcomputer that can go on lap.
desktop Small or compact enogh to fit on a desktop.
mainframe Large computer often the hub of a system sevring many users.
input device Computing a peripheral device that accepts data andfeeds it into a computer.
output devie Electrical or electromechanical equipment connected to a computer.
storage memory The parts of the brain that control memory are the frontal and temporal lobes.
RAM RAM or random access memory goes away when you turn off the copmuter.
CPU CPU or Central Proccessing Unit is the key component of a computer system which contains the circuit.
Flash Drive A very small portable data carrier/holder.
CD An optical disk (12cm) in diameter on which a program,data,music ETC.
Port A place to plug in with many types of devices.
Cable A cord of metal wire used to operate or pull a mechimism.
Monitor A device for obseving or recording.
Hardware Mechanical equipment that is or isn't built into the computer.
Software The program s used to direct the operations of a computer.
Application A program designed for a particular used for a particular use.
Operating System The collection of software that directs the operation.
Help Menu A feature of computer software programs that you use if you are havng problems.
Internet The collection of millions of compters connected by a network.
Home Page The place that a computer takes you to when you turn on the computer.
Browser A computer program that makes it possible for you to read information from the internet
Search Box A computer program which finds information on the internet by looking for words.
Search Box A rectangular space on the screen.
Internet Safety Rules Never give last name, nevr give address, never give phone number, never tell where you go to school, never email picture of yourself to someone you've met online,
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