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Cianci- McKinney

Russia Enters the European Political Arena

Russia (earlier 17th century) Unimportant, off to the side of major European areas, land-locked and uninvolved
Ivan IV ruled 1533-1584. Ivan the Terrible. Started with a good rule, but became a tyrannical ruler.
"Time of Troubles" 1584-1613. Post- Ivan rule. Michael Romanov was elected tzar by nobles.
Romanov Dynasty Michael (1613-1645), succeeded by Aleksei (1654-1676), succeeded by Theodore II (1676-1682). Stabilized Russia
Boyars Old Russian Nobles. Controlled most of Russian bureaucracy
Streltsy Moscow garrison guards. Posed a threat of mutiny
Peter the Great ruled 1682-1725. Came to power with his half brother through the streltsy. Wanted to establish tzar power and increase military strength.
Northwest Europe Inspired Peter with its military ships. He took a trip there to inspect their resources and ideas, which he later modeled Russia after
Streltsy revolt Revolted while Peter was away from Russia. When he returned, he brutally suppressed it, having public executions and displaying corpses
Russia's new army Peter I drafted almost 300,000 soldiers by the end of his rule. Designed to serve the ruler. Based off of Western Europe armies.
Russia's navy Created in the 1690's to protect the Black Sea against the Ottoman Empire. Was used to conquer lands from them and the Baltic/Sweden
The Great Northern War 1700-1721. Waged against Sweden for Baltic territory. Peter gained power near the second half, allowing him to beat the stronger Swedish armies and gain warm water ports
St. Petersburg Capital city, created 1703. Made on the Gulf of Finland, modeled Versailles.
Aleksei Son of Peter I. Was imprisoned and killed by Peter after conspiring against him with Charles VI
Table of Ranks published 1722. Made social rank more important than family history
Created by: Cianci