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What is IDM? Infant of Diabetic Mother
If the mother had diabetes what can happen to the baby when the cord is cut? The excessive sugar the was going to the baby via the cord stops, causing Hypoglycemia.
What is PIVH? Periventricular-Intraventricular Hemorrhage, bleeding around and into the ventricles of the brain.
How is PIVH graded? 1 to 4, with 4 being the most severe with poor survival rate.
What is PKU? Phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder that causes CNS damage from toxic levels of the amino acid phenylalanine in the blood.
What does PKU cause? PKU causes a deficiency of the liver enzyme phenylalanine.
Are all infants screened for PKU? YES
PKU S/S Vomiting, Hypertonia, Irritability and infant has eczema and a musty odor of urine. In older children hyper activity, mental retardation, seizures and hypopigmentation of the hair skin and irises.
How do you test for Down Syndrome? Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) screening, Multiple Marker screening, Chorionic villus sampling, Aminocentesis, Nuchal Translucency
Is there a cure for Down Syndrome? NO, only regular medical care and evaluations.
What are 2 medications are used for Cervical ripening? dinoprostone (Prepidil gel) or (Cervidil) vaginal insert.
Can Cervidil cause headaches? YES
When to use cervical ripening? For live birth or abortion.
What medications can you use for postpartum hemorrhage? Pitocin, methergine and hemabate. Massaging the uterine to contract first. If all else fails the remove the uterine.
What vitamin and be rubbed on sore nipples from breast feeding? Vitamin E
A warm shower will stimulate? Prolactin
If your patient does not wish to breast feed what should you do? Ice 4x a day and suppress milk with compression (bra)for 3 days.
How long should you massage your patients fundus? for 9 days postpartum evaluating the discharge for clots and lochia.
If your patient has a full bladder where do you suspect the fundus to be? Up and to the right.
with bladder distention a cath may be required. How long can it take for the bladder tone to be restored? 5-7 days
When is Lochia volume heavy? When your patient is saturating a pad every 2 hours
When your pt is positive for Homans sign suspect? DVT
When should you ambulate your patient after surgery? With in the first 12 hours.
What is involation? Rapid healing after birth/
When should your patient resume sex? 6 weeks but as early as 2-4 weeks if bleeding has stopped
What 2 things cause Early postpartum hemorrhage? Uterine Atony and Trauma
After birth babys can lose up to _____% of weight 10
Can a full bladder cause bleeding? YES
Created by: SGT WEAVER