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Rise of Absolute Monarchy in France: The World of Louis XIV

Who were Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin? They were Louis XIV's cheif ministers who attempted to impose direct loyal administration on France.
What does the term "Fronde" mean? It was a series of widespread rebellions among French nobles between 1649 and 1652.
In 1661, Mazarin died Louis XIV assumed what of the government at the age of 23? He assumed Personal Control.
Who did Louis clash with and what rights were curtailed? Louis clashed with the Parlement of Paris and right to register royal laws were reduced .
Who did Louis try to impress? French people and French nobility.
What was the name of the largest structure in Europe that was built in the years of 1676 through 1708. It also housed Louis and thousands of nobles, royal officials, and servants. Versailies
Who was Louis's devot tutor and what did he do? Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet defended "Divine Rights" and cited examples from Old Testament, that rulers divinely appointed by and answerable only to God.
What does "L'eat, c'est moi" mean? It means "I am the State" and it was declared by Louis XIV.
Who was Jean-Baptise Colbert and what was his goal? He was Louis's most brilliant minister and his goal was to achieve secure international boundaries for france, especially securing its northern borders along Spanish Netherland, the Franche-Comte, Alsace, and Lorraine.
What did the War of Devolution do? It gave XIV's first wife the right to inherit the Spanish Netherlands.
In what year did Louis's armies invade Flanders and Franche-Comte? 1667
What was the Treaty of Aix-la Chapelle? Louis gained control of certain towns bordering the Spanish Netherlands.
How was the War of Devolution ended? It was ended by the Peace of Nijmwegen signed with different parties in successive years(1678-1679). France gained more territory
What was Jansenism? It was a religion created in the 1630's and they believed that orginal sin had so corrupted humankind that individuals could do nothing good nor contribute anything to their own salvation.
Who was the movement named after? Cornelius Jansen, a flemish theologian.
In what year was Jansenism banned? 1656
How many Huguenots were in France in the 1660's out of an overall population of around 18 million? 1.75 million people
Louis convinced by his second wife Madame De Maintenon did what to the huguenots? He hounded them out of public life and they could not have professions of printing and medicine
What happened in October 1685? Louis revoked Edict of Nantes.
What countries did the League of Augsburg consist of? It consisted of England, Spain, Sweden, the United Provinces and major German states, it also had the support of the Habsburg emperor Leopoid I.
What was the Nine Years War? The league and France battled each other from 1689 to 1697, while England and France tried to control North America.
What ended the Nine Years War, secured Holland's border, and thwarted Louis's expansion into Germany The Peace of Ryswick, which was signed in September 1697.
What was formed in 1701 and what countries were involved? Grand Alliance, and it involved England, Holland and Holy Roman Empire.
What war began and enveloped in Western Europe during 1701? The War Of Spanish Succession
John Law believed what? He believed that an increase in paper-money supply would stimulate France's economic recovery.
Who approved the reinstitution of Paris to allow and disallow laws? Duke of Orleans
In 1726, what did Cardinal Fleury do? He worked to maintain authority of the monarch. He also pursued economic prosperity at home and peace abroad.
Created by: Cianci