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UB NTR 108

Exam 1. mod 1-4

What are the three classes of nutrients? Carbohydrates, lipids, protiens, vitamins, minerals, water, and other components in food.
What are the two divisions of Carbohydrates? Simple Sugars(juice, soda table sugar, processed foods), Complex Carbohydrates( whole, unprocessed foods.)
What are the two divisions of Lipids? Visible and Hidden
What are the two divisions of Protiens? Animal and Vegetable
What are the two divisions of the 13 Vitamins? Water soluble and Lipid soluble
What are the two divisions of minerals? Major and trace
What are the Macronutrients? Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Protiens
What are the Micronutrients? Vitamins, Minerals and Water
What are the Nutrients that release energy during their metabolism? And how much energy does each have? Carbohydrates(4 Kcal/g), Fats(9 Kcal/g), and Protien( 4Kcal/g)
What are the nutrients that do not release energy during their metabolism? Vitamins, Minerals and Water.
What are the vitamins that are water soluble? B vitamins and ascorbic acid (c)
What are epidemiologic studies Study of entire populations
Wht are laboratory studies? Animal and human studies under well controlled lab conditions.
What are intervention studies? Studies which fete is a control vs. Treatment group in which people are trying to understand disease treatment.
True of false just because something is in print means thy it I factual? False
Single-factor nutrition diseases The onset of deficiency is usually rapid(scurvy,anemia).
Multiple-factor nutrition diseases Diabetes,obesity,heart disease
What at non modifiable factors? Age,gender,genetic background
Wht are modifiable factors? Diet,exercise,physical activity, smoking habits.
Created by: Tiger3