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vocab and other things

oasis a well watered area in desert
caravan a group of people and animals traveling together for safety, especially through a desert
Arabia a large peninsula in southwestern part of the Indian Ocean
Persian Gulf a body of water east of the Arabian peninsula that seprates Arabia from Iran
Arabian Sea a body of water that lies between Arabia and India the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean
Red Sea a narrow sea between Arabia and northeastern Africa
Quran the religion holy book of Islam, believed to contain the teachings of Allah, or God, to Muhamma
Kaaba a religious temple in Mecca that became sacred to Muslims
hijra the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622, the founding of Islam
Five Pillars the five basic duties of all Muslims
pilgrimage a journey for religious purposes
Muhammad founder of Islam whose words are recorded in Quran
Khadija a weathly merchant who became the first wife of Muhammad
Mecca an Arabian oasis city believed to be the birthplace of Muhammad
Medina an Arabian oasis town to which according to Muslims writings, Muhmmad migrated in A.D. 622
Caliph a Muslim leader who had both politcal and religous authority
mosque a Muslim place of worship
Avicenna Persian philoshopher and physician wrote a medical encyclopedia that became a standard text in North Africa, western Asia, and Europe
Baghdad capital and cultural center of the Muslim caliphate from A.D. 762 to 1,100 present day capital of Iraq
What is the first Pillar. The belief in one God, Allah, and that Muhammad is Allah's prophet
What is the second Pillar? The prayers Muslims offer Allah five times each day. Wherever they are in the world they look toward Mecca as their holy city.
What is the third Pillar? Speaks to those in need, espically to the poor.
What is the fourth Pillar? Instructs the Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan. They must not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.
What is the fifth Pillar? Instructs the Muslims who can afford to visit Mecca at least once in their lives.
Describe the geography of Arabia? Desert, moutainous areas, fertile regions, sand hills.
What are the three enviormental areas? The desert areas, the mountainous southwestern areas and the east cost.
How did the people adapt in their enviorments? Desert: Not much rainfall or sometimes not rainfall at all but they built oases to grow crops. They also domesticated the camel mountainous areas: Does recieve rainfall to support agriculuture. eastern coast: also has fertile areas for farming
How was trading important? Trading made the civilization Nabataen rich. Domesticated camels became very useful which helped in trading.
Where were the major trading points? Petra, Mecca, Mardin, Wasit, Al-Ulbulla, Damascus, Alexandria, Medina, and Mecca.
Explain about Muhammad? Was born in Mecca, married a wealthy merchant named Khadiji, both parents died (father before birth, mother shortly after birth), and was raised by his uncle who was a trader.
Isalm the religion of Muslims based on the teachings of prophet Muhammad in A.D. 600s.
Desrcibe the birth of Islam. It was born in Arabia by Muhammad in 600s.
How is Islam like today? 5 million Muslims in U.S.A. People go on pilgrimages, wear new clothes to celebrate the month of the long fest, youge poeple to school and colleges to study Muslim and other subjects. Families party when dau./sons memorize large parts of the Quran
What is the caliphate? Caliph means "successor [to the prophet]" The land ruled by a caliph is called a caliphate which expanded to western Asia and north Africa.
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