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Tech School

Block 6

What drives the force protection (FP) and antiterrorism (AT) program? protection of AF personnel and facilities
Where are all airmen subject to threats? CONUS, OCOUNS, AEF
What is the first step to developing an effective AT program? understanding how threat elements conduct attacks
What is the role of intel in FP? identify threats and recommend countertactics
What is a collection of activities that prevents or mitigates successful hostile actions against AF personnel and resources not directly engaged with the enemy? FP
What would directly or indirectly threaten our ability to accomplish the mission if executed? hostile action
Where do most threats come from? conflict we are directly or indirectly involved in
How many types of conflict are there? 6
What type of conflict is a confrontation between nation-states or coalitions/alliances of nation-states? traditional warfare
What is the objective traditional warfare? convince or coerce key military or political decision makers, defeat an adversary’s armed forces, destroy an adversary’s war making capacity, seize or retain territory in order to force a change in an adversary’s government or policies
What type of conflict seeks a change in the policies and practices, if not in the outright existence, government by coercing key government leaders or defeating them militarily? traditional warfare
What type of conflict is a violent struggle among state and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations? Irregular warfare
What distinguishes irregular warfare from traditional? approach and strategy used to achieve the effects desired
What type of conflict seeks to undermine a group, government, or ideology by influencing the population, which is often the center of gravity? irregular warfare
What type of conflict includes activities such as insurgency, COIN, terrorism and CT? irregular warfare
What type of conflict is a broad spectrum of military operations conducted against an adversary by traditional military or other government security forces that do not include CBRN weapons? conventional warfare
What type of conflict is a broad spectrum of military and paramilitary operations, normally of long duration, predominantly conducted through, with, or by indigenous or surrogate forces? unconventional warfare
What type of conflict includes guerilla warfare, subversion, sabotage, intel activities and unconventional assisted recovery? unconventional warfare
What type of conflict involves 2 militaries of similar capabilities, strategy and tactics? What is it aka?
What type of conflict is a war between forces whose relative military power, strategy or tactics differ significantly? asymmetric warfare
What type of conflict is when 2 opponents interact and attempt to exploit each other’s characteristic weaknesses? asymmetric warfare
What is an example of non-militarized asymmetric warfare? use of propaganda or exploiting media for a groups cause
What is the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological? terrorism
What are 3 categories that indicate the source of finance, logistics, and support from terrorist organizations? state-directed, state-supported and non-state supported
Which terrorist groups operate as an agent of a government, and receive substantial intel, logistic and operational support from the sponsoring government? state-directed terrorist groups
Which terrorist groups generally operate independently but receive support from one or more governments? state-supported terrorist groups
Which terrorist groups operate autonomously and receive no significant support from any government? non-state supported terrorist groups
How are organization’s status’ designated? domestic/national, transnational or international
Which org groups operate within the boundaries of a single nation? domestic/national groups
Which org groups operate across international borders of neighboring states? transnational groups
Which org groups operate in 2 or more nations and it’s generally assumed that they receive direction and support from a foreign government? international groups
What is a set of ideas that directs one’s goals, expectations and actions? ideology
What do terrorist orgs typically have both of? short-term and long-range objectives
What are terrorist objectives usually based off? ideology
What are short-term/immediate objectives of terrorist attacks? 1.obtain worldwide or local recognition for the group’s cause 2.cause overreaction by the government 3.harass, weaken or embarrass government security forces 4.obtain money and equipment (logistics support)
Which short-term/immediate objective is when publicity advertises the movement and is of the utmost importance to the group where they can focus attention to their grievances, attract money from supporter, recruit members and demonstrate power? obtain worldwide or local recognition for the group’s cause
Which short-term/immediate objective is a basic precept to militaristic revolutionary strategies by overreaction by the government and results in oppressive and restrictive population control measures? What does it help the population do? cause overreaction by the government and helps population more inclined to sympathize with the terrorists
Which short-term/immediate objective do terrorists use tactics such as false alarms and erode public confidence in security forces? harass, weaken or embarrass government security forces
Which short-term/immediate terrorist objective are acts used to steal or extort money and equipment and attracts a lot of foreign support? obtain money and equipment (logistics support)
What are 2 categories are long-range objectives of terrorism? revolutionary and sub-revolutionary
Which long-range objective brings about the complete overthrow of the existing government in the area of operations? revolutionary objectives
Which long-range objective will influence a government or group into making changes against its will? subrevolutionary objectives
What is an organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict? insurgency
What do insurgent groups focus more on and what are they predominantly made up of? attacking what they consider to be the illegitimate government forces, indigenous persons
Who are not constrained by the law of war and are willing to commit suicide and kill innocent civilians in order to carry out operations? insurgents
What is an insurgent’s greatest advantage? the ability to hide amongst the people
What is a struggle for the population’s support? COIN
Who does COIN include to defeat insurgency? military, paramilitary ,political economic, psychological and civic actions taken by government
What is the central issue in insurgencies and COINs to get the people to accept its leadership or authority as legitimate? political power
What are vital to success of COIN? protection, welfare and support of the people
How many elements do insurgent organizations consist of? 5
Which element of the insurgent org provide strategic direction to the insurgency and are “idea people”? movement leaders
Which element of the insurgent org are aka militants or “the party” who form the political core of insurgency? political cadre
What do political cadres actively engage in? struggle to accomplish goals and implement guidance and procedures, address local grievances and attribute solutions to insurgency for propaganda purposes
Which element of the insurgent org are the main, regional and local forces of insurgency who provide the bulk of the fighting force? combatants
Which element of the insurgent org are active sympathizers who typically do not participate in combat ops but provide important support services? auxiliaries
Which element of the insurgent org makes up the bulk of the membership and consists of general populace who support insurgent movement? mass base
Who are the mass base members recruited and indoctrinated by? cadre
How many different methods of tactics do terrorists and insurgents employ to achieve their objectives? 7
Which method of tactics are most common type due to relatively low risk and low cost of supplies? bombing
What are the most common types of bombs? IED
What is a common IED tactic? use bomb decoys to create confusion for authorities or in combo with actual devices to generate greater casualties
Which method of tactics is an act of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to structures or wildland areas? arson
Which method is one of the oldest tactics still used today and is the targeted killing of a public figure for religious, ideological, political or military reasons? terrorism
Which method of tactics is the seizure by force of a surface vehicle, its passengers, and/or its cargo? hijacking
What is a variant of hijacking which involves an in-flight aircraft and creates a mobile hostage barricade? skyjacking
Which method of tactics are readily available firearms an org is able to acquire? small arms
What is the use of firearms to attack/harass the adversary used with ambush tactics? small arms engagement aka troops-in-contact
Which method of tactics is commonly used to disrupt ops and is the act of aiming and firing a weapon without relying on a direct line of sight between the gun and its target? indirect fire(IDF)
Which method of tactics is any attack on an in-flight aircraft from the surface? surface-to-air-fire(SAFIRE)
What are some additional threats? Conventional military units, special forces, riotous civil populations, environmental and health hazards, CBRN weapons, cyber terrorists, criminal elements, religious zealots
What is the overall process that permits CCs to identify potential threats and analyze vulnerabilities in order to determine the risks at a given location for a required mission? risk assessment process
What is the risk assessment a product derived from? threat and vulnerability assessment
What is a product of the analysis of a particular area in order to determine potential threats? threat assessment
What are used to identify potential terrorist threats posed to DoD assets and mission execution? FP threat assessments
What is an essential stem in identifying the probability of attack by understanding the capability and intent of the adversary to attack in a given area? threat analysis
What is a continual process of compiling and examining all available info concerning potential threats? threat analysis
In addition, what factors of a threat’s must an analyst review? existence, capability, intention history and targeting
Where is threat info from? HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT
What identifies susceptibility of AF assets to threats identified in threat assessment prioritized by their criticality to the mission and may recommend solutions to mitigate the threat? vulnerability assessment
What do CCs use the threat and vulnerability assessments to generate? risk assessment
What is the possibility of incurring loss to friendly assets or potential mission degradation? risk
What is a necessary risk? unavoidable risks that are outweighed by the mission
What do CCs use to eliminate unacceptable risk and mitigate the necessary risks? risk assessment to plan FP actions
What are analytical assessments of the level of terrorist threat faced by US personnel and interests within a country? terrorism threat levels
What is the threat level classification system? set of standardized terms used to quantify the level of terrorism threat on a country-by-country basis
Who is responsible for establishing the DoD threat levels both domestically and internationally? DIA
What determines threat level analysis methodology? continuous intel analysis of operational capability, intentions, activity and operational environment
What are the 4 threat level analysis methodology? 1.Operational capability 2.Intentions 3.Activity 4.Operational environment
What focuses on the attack methods used by terrorist groups and other measures that enhance their effectiveness? operational capability
What is stated or assessed desire of terrorists to attack DOD interest? intentions
What is an assessment of the significance and frequency of the actions the group is conducting? activity
What rates how the overall environment influences the ability, opportunity and motivation to attack DoD interests? terrorism
How many threat levels does the DoD utilize? 4
What are the 4 threat levels? Low, moderate, significant and high
What threat level means no detection of a group or group’s activity is non-threatening? low
What threat level means operating environment favors the Host Nation/US and terrorists are present but no indications of anti-US activity? moderate
What threat level means operating environment is neutral and anti-US terrorists are present and use attack personnel as their preferred method of operation? significant
What threat level means operating environment favors terrorist and anti-US terrorists are operationally active and use large casualty producing attacks preferred method of operation? high
Who contains actionable info about an incident involving or a threat targeting critical national networks or infrastructures or key assets? homeland security threat advisory
Who is responsible for disseminating terrorist threat warning for threats to US soil? Dept of Homeland Security(DHS)
Who is the FP program designed protect? service members, facilities and equipment, civilian employees and family members
What do intel personnel at all levels must do to ensure intel requirements are satisfied? Work in coordination with their cross-functional counterparts
What is essential in identifying the threat, providing advance warning and disseminating critical intelligence in a usable form? well planned, systematic, all-source intel and CI program
What is the definition of intelligence? product resulting from collection, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of available info concerning foreign countries or areas
What is info gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, sabotage, assassinations and other intel activities? counterintelligence
What is an installation CCs FP advisory body for tactical and immediate recommendations on mitigating or countering threats for an installation? threat working group(TWG)
When should the TWG meet and what is the purpose? at least quarterly, to develop and refine terrorism and threat assessments and to coordinate and disseminate threat warning, reports and summaries
What is the TWG composed of? intel, security forces, AFOSI, bioenvironmental, communications, civil engineering and ops
What describe the progressive level of countermeasures in anticipation of or response to a terrorist threat to US military resources and personnel? FPCONs
Who has exclusive responsibility for FPCONs implementation? AF CCs
How many FPCONs are there? 5
Which FPCON applies when a general global threat of possible terrorist activity exists and warrants a routine security posture? normal
Which FPCON must be capable of being maintained indefinitely and applies when there is an increased general threat of possible terrorist activity against personnel or facilities? alpha
Which FPCON may affect operational capability, relations with local authorities and applies when an increased or more predictable threat of terrorist activity exists? bravo
Which FPCON may create hardship and affect activities of unit and personnel and applies when an incident occurs or intel received indicates some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities? charlie
Which FPCON is declared as a localized condition, cannot be sustained for an extended duration and applies in immediate area where terrorist attack occurred or terrorist action against a specific location or person is imminent? delta
What are random, multiple security measures that consistently change the look of an installation’s FB program? random antiterrorist measures
What do RAMs do? make it difficult for a terrorist to accurately predict our actions
What introduce unpredictability to an installations overall FP program to thwart surveillance attempts? RAMs
Who is an installation CCs cross-functional working group made up of wing and tenant units who should meet semi-annually or more frequently? FPWG
What is the FPWG purpose? oversee the implementation of the AT program, develop and refine AT plans, and address emergent or emergency AT program issues
How many and what are the agencies support FP? 6, JITF-CT, DOJ, FBI, JTTFs, NCTC, AFOSI
What agency acts as a DoD focal point and is the functional area within the DIA that establishes worldwide DoD terrorism threat levels? JITF-CT
What agency is responsible for overseeing the federal response to acts of terrorism within the US? DOJ
Who is the lead agency responsible for countering terrorism outside the US? DOS
Who makes policy decisions and legal judgments related to each terrorist incident? US Attorney General
What agency has been designated the primary operational agency for the management of terrorist incidents occurring within the US? FBI
What agency are small cells led by DoJ and FBI? JTTFs
What agency is a federal organization designed to assess terrorist threat info and serves as a hub for dealing with terrorist threat-related info collection both within the US and abroad? NCTC
Who is the lead AF agency for locating and tracking enemy/terrorist operatives who focuses primarily on countering adversary intel collection activities against US forces? AFOSI
Who supports ground support personnel? S2
Where does the S2 typically work in? ops center with personnel they support (BDOC or TOC)
What is a C2 facility established by the base CC to serve as the focal point for base security and defense? BDOC
What is an ops center responsible for? planning and executing the day to day unit mission
What is a command post for military operations that is responsible for monitoring operational progress and maintaining communications with operators in the field? TOC
What must the S2 consider when supporting security forces? report writing and briefing
What is collected info that is reintroduced into the intel cycle? MISREPs, INTREPs, SPOTREPs, INTSUMs and/or SITREPs
What is a group of armed vehicles and/or personnel assigned to monitor a specific area? patrol
What must leaders of the patrol analyze? various aspects of mission, including route selection and egress and ingress from base defense positions
What do intel support to patrols include? assisting prior to departure, providing intel briefing id base perimeter sectors, threats in the area, providing maps, overlay, choke points
What is a group of vehicles traveling together for mutual support and protection, typically organized with armed defensive support? convoy
What should a convoy briefing include? enemy situation and capabilities, terrain, weather precautions, route analysis and other threats affecting mission
What is the basic product of r battlefield area evaluation, terrain analysis and weather analysis from IPOE? Modified combined obstacle overlay
What is MCOO based upon? OCOKA: observation/fields of fire, cover/concealment, obstacles, key terrain and avenues of approach
What can an MCOO also act as for current events and activities around an installation? SITMAP
What should a SITMAP be used to make? sound tactical decisions to show intel gaps
What is the AF name for a guard mount? pre-shift meeting
What’s a target, whose loss to the enemy contributes to the substantial degradation of an important function? High Value Target HVT
What is an element or entity whose disruption or destruction immediately degrades the ability of a force to command, control or effectively conduct combat ops? critical node
What is a methodology which identifies potential HVTs within a given situation and provides a relative ranking of target worth? Target Value Analysis TVA
What is created once an opportunity to take action against a HVT arises? Tactical Intel Package TIP
What is a collection of analyzed all-source info necessary to prosecute an HVT? TIP
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