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A&P Ch5

LCC A&P ch5

Pathology Study of disease
Signs Objective abnormalities
Symptoms Subjective abnormalities
Syndrome Collection of different signs and symptoms that present a clear picture of a pathological condition.
Etiology Objective abnormalities
Latent "Hidden Stage"
Convalescence Recovery
Pandemics Epidemics that spread throughout the world
Endemic Disease native to local region
Pathogenesis Actual pattern of a disease's development
Viruses the smallest of all pathogens- microscopic nonliving particles
Bacterium a tiny, primatice cell without a nucleus
Mononucleosis viral disease
Aerobic bacteria that require oxygen for metabolism
Bacilli shaped like rods
Fungi lack Chlorophyll
Protozoa include Amoeba one celled organism Flagellates Ciliates
Nematodes Pathogenic animal,round worm
Platyhelminths Pathogenic animal
Anthropods Pathogenic animal
Sterilizition the destruction of all living organisms
Oncogene cancer gene
Cocci Round cells
Vector spreads diseaseto other organisims
Mocrobe microscopic organism
Idopathic diseases with undertermined causes
Epidemiology Study of occurance. distribution, and transmission of disease
Remission reversal of a chronic condition
Cachexia severe loss of apetite, weight loss, and general weakness in cancer patients
Metastasis spread of cancer cells
Metazoa Multicellular oranism that parasitize humans
Neoplasm Abnormal cell growth
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