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Career for HS

Health Science Career

Picture of health status through variety of test or evaluations Diagnostic Service
Toward changing the health status of patient over time Therapeutic Service
Therapeutic environment provide direct or indirect patient care Support Service
Involved with documentation of patient records and health information Health Informatics
Bio science research to create new medical technologies Biotechnology Research and Development
Radio waves and strong magnets are used to create pictures of internal body parts MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Use of high frequency sound waves to create pictures of internal body parts Ultrasonography
Use of sound waves to produce images of heart Echocardiogram
Insert needle into vein Venipunture
Draw blood from patients Plebotomist
Who uses Vacutainer tubes or tourniquet? Plebotomist
Use machine to record brain waves EEG Technologist
Take pictures of internal parts of the body to help diagnose injury or disease Radiologic Technologist
Operate machine that records electrical activity of heart EKG Tech
Assist cardiologist with invasive test of heart Cardiovascular Technologists
Surgical removal of a female's ovaries Spay
Surgical removal of a male's testicles Neuter
Tooth decay or cavities Caries
Lens of eye becomes cloudy leading to vision loss Cataract
Machine that takes a digital picture of all the teeth and the jaw at the same time Panoramic X-ray
Instrument used during eye exams to determine eyeglass/contact prescription Phoroptor
Cone-shaped collar placed on animals to prevent chewing on wounds/incisions Elizabethan collar
Process of determining the cause and nature of a disease or injury Diagnose
All illnesses, injuries, surgeries,medications,and treatments a patient has had in his/her lifetime Medical History
Medical Doctor Physician
Surgical stitch used to close a wound Suture
Person who perform surgery on teeth and jaw Oral Surgeon
Person who assist with surgery and set up exam rooms Dental Assistant
Person who cleans teeth and develop x-rays Dental Hygienist
Person who examine, diagnose, and treat mouth disease Dentist
Medical doctor who specializes in eye disease and surgery Ophthalmologist
Person who examine eyes and prescribe correct lenses Optometrist
Person who make and fit glasses or contacts for prescription Optician
Person who diagnoses, treats, and perform surgery on animals Veterinarian
Under Vet for handling and caring of animals, assist with surgery, and perform lab tests Veterinary Technician (Vet Tech)
Feed, Bathe, And groom animals and prepare animals for surgeries Veterinary Assistant
Foot Doctor Podiatrist
Spinal alignment adjust back,neck,head Chiropractic
Take patients medical history,physical exam, preliminary diagnoses, treat minor injuries, prescribe and administer treatments,and can write prescription Physician Assistant
Examine inside of eye Ophtalmoscope
Examine inner ear Otoscope
Disease that impairs a person's normal thinking emotions or behavior Mental illness
Treat Mental illnesses or behavioral problem Pyschotherapy
Medical Doctor who diagnose and treats mental illness Psychiatrist
Treats mental illnesses Pyschologist
Investigate, provide counseling and obtain material aid for person in crisis Social worker
Patient's perceptions of inkblots are recorded and analyzed Rorschach Ink block Test
Physical and mental handicap that interferes with normal function Disability
Ability to get from one place to another Mobility
To give out Dispense
Mix ingredients to make a medication Compound
Activities of daily living ADL's
Doctor's written order for the preparation and administration of medication Prescription
Assists patients with disabilities to return to individual ADL's Occupational Therapist
Helps people with disabilities improve their quality of life uses games sports arts and life skills Recreational Therapist
Assists patients to regain strength and mobility Physical Therapist
Provides treatments to patients with breathing problems due to injury or illness Respiratory Therapist
Diagnoses and treats speech disorders Speech-Language Pathologist
Assesses patient's nutritional status and teaches healthy eating,supervises meal planning and preparation in a facility Dietitian
Assesses patient health status provide us direct physical and psychological care Register Nurse
First on the scene of a sudden illnesses or injury, provide medical care transport to medical facility EMT
Machine that breathes for a patient unable to breathe on their own Ventilator
Used to breathe for patient unable to breathe on own for short term use BVM (Bag value mask)
Device that provides electrical stimulation through electrodes on skin to help relieve pain and restore muscle tone after injury TENS Unit
Equipment used to hear internal body sounds Stethoscope
Equipment used to hear grind medication to a powder for compounding Mortar and Pestle
Written record of all care given to a patient while at a medical facility Medical record
An electronic Medical Record EMR
Engineering development of artificial body organs or tissues out of living material Tissue
Health care product designed to diagnose or treat disease Medical device
An artificial body part Prosthetic
Study living cells and their components to prevent or treat disease Medical Scientist
Uses engineering to solve problems in biology and medical to improve patient care Biomedical Engineer
When should all health records be electronic? 2014
Created by: ChangingPhases
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