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History dates G

Dates for Germany Hitlers rise to power

The Invasion of the German industrial area of the Ruhr. January 1923
The Munich Putsch - Hitler and the Nazi party aimed to take over the city of Munich but they failed miserably. November 1923
the Spartacist Rising - an attempted revolution made by the Spartacist Political group. 1919
50,000 workers led by Communist Party took control of raw materials in the Ruhr region. uprising crushed by the Freikorps. 1920
Kapp Putsch - government ordered the Freikorps disbanded. 12,000 Freikorps marched on Berlin and put forward Kapp as a new German leader. 1920
Ebert became president of Weimar Republic. August 1919
Germany fell behind in their reparation payments which caused French and Belgian troops to enter the Ruhr. 1922
Because of hyperinflation wallets were replaced by suitcases. 1923
After this year there were no more attempted revolutions against the Weimar Republic. 1923
Germany reached pre-war production rate and regained its position as 2nd greatest world industrial power. 1928
Germany joined the League of Nations. 1926
The Locarno Treaties were signed by Gustav Stresemann. 1925
The Hitler Youth was set up by Hitler and the Nazi party. 1927
In a general election the Nazi party increases its representatives from 14 to 107. Hitler is now in control of the 2nd largest party in Germany. September 1930
Hitler becomes Chancellor of a coalition government, where the Nazis have a third of the seats in the Reichstag. January 1933
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