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Med Term


-aemia condition of blood
-agogic pertaining to inducing/stimulating
-agogue agent which induces/promotes
-al pertaining to
-algia condition of pain
-apheresis removal
-ar pertaining to
-arche beginning
-ary pertaining to
-auxis increase
-blast immature germ cell/cell which forms...
-cele swelling/protrusion/hernia
-centesis puncture
-chalasis slackening/loosening
-cide somehing that kills/killing
-conus cone-like protrusion
-chromia condition of coulour/haemoglobin
-clasis breaking
-clast a cell which breaks
-clysis infusion/injection into/irrigation
-crit separate/device for measuring cells
-cyte cell
-cytosis increased number of cells
-desis fixation/bind together by surgery/stick together
-dialysis separating
-dynia condition of pain
-eal pertaining to
-ectasis dilatation/stretching
-ectomy removal of
-emphraxis blocking/stopping up
-erysis drag/draw/suck out
-ferous pertaining to carrying/bearing
-form having the form of
-fuge agent that suppresses/removes
-genesis capable of causing/pertaining to formation
-genic pertaining to formation/originating in
-globin protein
-globulin protein
-gram X-ray picture/tracing/recording
-graph usually an instrument that records
-graphy technique of recording/ making X-ray
-gyric pertaining to circular motion
-ia condition of
-iasis abnormal condition
-iatry doctor/medical treatment
-ic pertaining to
-ischia condition of reducing/holding back
-ism process of
-itis inflammation of
-ium structure/anatomical part
-kinesis movement
-kymia condition
-lapaxy empty/wash out/
-lith stone
-lithiasis abnormal condition of stones
-lysis breakdown/disintegration
-lytic pertaining to breakdown/disintegration
-malacia conditioning of softening
-megaly enlargement
-meter measuring instrument
-metry process of measuring
-micria condition of small size
-mileusis to carve
-nyxis perforation/pricking/puncture
-oedema swelling due to fluid
-oid resembling
-olitheis slipping
-oma tumour/swelling
-osis abnormal condition/disease/abn. increase
-ous pertaining to
-paresis slight paralysis
-pathia condition of disease
-pathy disease of
-penia condition of lack of/deficiency
-pexy surgical fixation/fix in place
-phagia condition of eating
-phonia condition of having voice
-phthisis wasting away
-phyma tumour/boil
-phyte plant/plant-like growth/fungus
-plasia condition of growth/formation of (cells)
-plasty surgical repair/reconstruction
-plegia condition of paralysis
-poiesis formation
-ptosis falling/displacement/prolapse
-rrhage bursting forth (of blood/bleeding)
-rrhagia condition of bursting forth/bleeding
-rrhagic pertaining tobursting forth (of blood)
-rrhaphy suture/stitch/suturing
-rrhexis break/rupture
-rrhoea excessive discharge/flow
-schisis cleavage/splitting/parting
-sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening
-scopy visual examination
-sect(ion) cut/cutting/excision
-stenosis abnormal condition of narrowing
-stomy to form a new opening or outlet
-spasm involuntary muscle contraction
-stasis stopping/controlling/cessation of movement
-static pertaining to stopping/controlling
-staxis dripping
-stomy to form a new opening or outlet
-synechia condition of adhering together
-rrhoea excessive discharge/flow
-therapy treatment
-thermy heat
-tome cutting instrument
-tomy incision into
-tonia condition of tension/bone
-toxic pertaining to poisoning
-trauma injury/wound
-trophic pertaining to nourishment
-trophin homone that stimlates/nourishes
-trophy nourishment/develpment
-tropic pertaining to stimulating/affinity for
-tripsy act of crushing
-triptor instrument of crush
-trite instrument to crush/fragment
-tubal pertaining to a tube
-um thing/structure/anatomical part
-uresis excrete in urine/urinate
-uria condition of urine
-us thing/structure
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