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Quiz 1 Hospital Pro

Hospital procedure quiz 1

Ampule Sealed glass container designed to hold a single dose of meication
Vial A continer, either glass or plastic, that contains a drug solution
Powder A vial that comes with the drug as a powder form. Must be mixed with H20 or Saline to make sloution
Reconstitution to introduce water to a powder to make a solution
Solution The Drug comes from liquid form in the vial or ampule or in I.V solution bag.
Diluet The additive used to mix the powder form of the drug
Suspension The combination of a drug powder mixed with water or syrup.
Concentration The given amount of drug in a given amount of volume.
D5W 5% Dextrose in Water
D5NS 5% Dextrose in 0.9% Sodium Chloride
NS 0.9% Sodium Chloride (Normal saline)
1/2 NS .045% Sodium Chloride
1/4 NS 0.20% Sodium Chloride
D5 1/2 NS Dextrose5% and 0.45% Sodium Chloride
D5 1/4 NS Dextrose5% and 0.20 Sodium Chloride
D5LR Dextrose5% and Lactated Ringers
LR Lactated Ringers
D70W Dextrose70% in Water
D50W Dextrose50% in Water
AA 10% Aminno Acids 10%
MVI Multivitamins
KCL Potassium Chloride
TCE Trace Elements
Oral Syringe For pediatric dosing. Into the mouth, Not injected.
3cc,5cc,10cc,20cc,30cc,60cc Hypodermic syringe
Needle Gauge 18,19,23 gauges. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the opening. Use lower gauges for viscous drugs and larger amounts.
Filter Needle Needles used for drawing up solutions from Ampules.
I.V Drug Further diluted into I.V bag/solution
IM injection should not exceed more than 3ml for healthy adults and sould not exceed 2 ml for small children and should not exceed 1 ml for infants
Created by: gregory420
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