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Am Government

Exam 2

Bicameral Legislature A) House of Representatives-25 yrs old, US citizen, 2yr terms of office,size set by congress, and live in district B)Senate-30 yrs old, US citizen, 7yr term of office, size 2 per state, live in the state which he/she represents.
Leaving office, Discipline 1. Incumbency rates-usually 87% 2.Death-the governor points their replacement,its often supposed.3. Removal- both houses can kick out their members (rare)4. Retire/Resign- they retire during their term 5. Censure- telling somebody that they behaved badly.
Two Privileges of Congress Immunity from arrest during attendance Immunity from slander- from somebody says something about you.
Powers of congress 1)Ennumerated powers-coin moneys, set up post office, 2) Implied powers-do whats necessary and what they need to do.
Power of the Persue Its taxing and spending
Power to Investigate Begin in 1791 with General St.Clair, order anybody to show up, to oath and ask questions
Five reasons to Investigate 1) to get info to pass the new laws 2) to create positive public opinion for laws. 3) to discourage secrecy by executive branch 4) the embarass of the Pres. or someone else. 5) to gain publicity for themeselves.
Power to Impeach applies to President, Vice-President, Judges for treason, bribery, and other high crimes. 2)impeachement and trial process takes place in the House of Rep., majority votes, trial takes place in the Senate, takes 2/3 votes to convict someone.
Power to Ratify the Senate ratifies treaties, Senate confirms Presidents appointment and majority votes 2) Vacancy in the office of Vice-Pres. was passed after John Kennedy was killed. President appoints the new Vice-Presidnents in both houses confirm majority votes.
Committee system To become a law combined
Four kinds of committee 1) standing committee 2) select or special comm.s 3) joint comm.s 4) conference comm.
Leadership position in congress Speaker of the house and majority leader
Seniority As long as a member works in the comm., becomes senior
Characteristic of committees 1) jurisdiction- is defined and bills are assigned accordingly 2) they are parallel- executive dep.s and agencies 3) most bills die in comm.s, only 10% of bills get out of comm.s 4) the make-up of the comm. by political party based on who has the majority
Campaign finance reform Creates a perception that congress is for rich people, many people decide not to run for office, because they can`t efford
Apportionment It is state legislature`s job to redraw the line
Malapportionment when there are unequal numbers in the districts.
Baker vs Carr 1) unequal numbers is unconstitutional, you have to draw that has equal numbers. 2) federal courts have jurisdiction over how states redraw the lines.
Gerrymandering 1) named after A. Garry. 2) when lines are redrawn to favor one group over another; democrat/republican, urban/rural.
Recent court cases 1) Thornburg vs Gingles said that the lines must be redrawn to maximize minority representations. 2) Shaw vs Reno said that race can be a factor, but not only a factor. 3) R.B. Ginsberg said "the court hasn`t spoken its final words"
Personal staff over 11,200 work for them, 4,000 summer interns, those are students
Committee stuff 2100 work for comm.
Staff agencies-CRS, GAO, CBO 230 economists work in CBO,GAO-investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars
Filibuster it`s a right in the senate with unlimited speech, it`s used to block nominations and bills
Cloture ends a filibuster, 3/5 votes to senators.
Leadership positions In the H.R speaker is the leader of the house. For the senate it`s the majority leaders.
Created by: mansour