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Cianci- Rowell

Two Models of European Political Development

The United Netherlands was a republic governed without a what? Monarchy
Parliamentary Monarchy was embodied by what state? England
France embodied what model to resolve their military challenges? Political Absolutism
Both England and France both resulted form the historical developments and political personalities that modeled each nation during what century? 17th Century
During the second half of the 16th century, what sharply increased the cost of warfare? Changes in military organization, weapons and tactics
The two models of government did what? Shaped subsequently political development in Europe
The divergent developments of England and France in the 17th century would have suprised many people in when? the 1600's`
Who aspired to the autocracy Louis XIV achieved? The Stuart Kings of England
Some political philosophers eloquently defended ehat? The divine right of kings and absolute rule
Who was emerging from the turmoil of its religious was? France
The strife of that conflict had done what to French society? Torn it apart
What was relatively weak in France? Monarchy
Henry IV, who had become king in what year, pursued a policy of religious tolerance? 1589
Created by: Cianci