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Cianci - Rowell

The Netherlands: Golden Age to Decline

The seven provinces that became the United Provinces of the Netherkands did what? They emerged as a nation after revolting against Spain in 1572
During the 17th century, the Dutch engaged in a series of what with England? Naval Wars
IN 1672, the armies of who invaded the Netherlands? Louis XIV
Whi rallied the Dutch and eventually led the entire European coalition against France? Prince William III of Orange and the hereditary chief executive of Holland
William III ofOrange answered the invitation of what in 1688 to assume, along with his wife Mary, the English throne? Protestant English aristocrats
The Netherlands was formally a what? Republic
Who strongly distrusted monarchy and the ambitions of the House of Orange. The Dutch
When William of Orange died in 1702 and the wars with France ended in 1714, what did the Dutch do? They reverted to their republican structures
The Calvanist Reformation Church was the official church of the nation, but what? It was not an established church
THe country also became a haven for who? Jews
In the Netherlands, more people lived in what rather than in any other area of Europe? Cities
Who dominated the market for herring and supplied much of the continet's dried fish? Dutch Fisherman
The most advanced finacial system of the day suppoted all of this what? Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing
Duthc traders established a major presence in where, particularly in spice-producing areas of Java, the Moluccas, and Sri Lanka? East Asia
After the death of William III of Britain in 1702, the provinces prevented the emergence of another strong what? Stadholder
What slowly but steadily passed to the Britain? Naval Supremacy
The disunity of the provinces hastened the what and prevented action that might have halted it? Economic Decline
What saved the United PRovinces from becoming completely insignificant in European affairs? Their continued financial dominance
Created by: Cianci