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Cianci- Rowell

Unit Introduction

Bewteen the early 17th and the mid 20th century, no region so dominated other parts of the world politically, militairly and econimically as who? Europe
IN the early 17th and 18th century, certain states in northen Europe organized themselves how? Politically
Many states organized themselves to do what? To be able to dominate Europe and later to influence and even govern other large areas of the world theough military might and economic strength.
BY mid-18th century, what five major states had come to dominate European politiccs? Great Britain, France, Austria,Prussia and Russia
These five states established their dominance at the expense of who? Spain, Portugal, the United Provinces of the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire
In Western Europe what two states emerged as the dominant powers? Britain and France
What two countries had been powerful in the 16th and 17th centuries? Spain and the Netherlands
Spain declined after what war? The War of the Spanish Succession
How did the five major states affect virtually every world civilization? They had military strenght, economic development and colonial empires
European what also coincided with a shoft in power within Eurpoe itself? Dominance
What two states had taken the lead in the conquest and early exploration of the Americas? Spain and Portugal
Even within the region of northern Europe, there occured a what of influence among political states? "Sorting Out"
Created by: Cianci