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Disorders of liver, gallbladder, pancreas

bilirubin product of the normal breakdown of old res blood cells in the liver
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
what are the types of hepatitis a,b,c,d,e,g non infections
Hep A tramission route ?incubation period? fecal oral route , via water, food medical equipment 3-5 wks
what phase is characterized by jaundice , light clay stool and dark urine las 2-4 weeks icteric phase
name the phases of Hepatitis and hoyw long they last preicteric phase 1-21 days, icteric phase 2-4 wks, posticteric phase several months
with chronic hepatitis symptoms persist for more than 6 months
what kind of drugs are contraindicated with Hepatitis hapatoxic drugs
which vaccines are available for hepatitis A & B
what is cirrhosis chronic progrssive disease of the liver , degeneration and destruction of the liver cells
who is highest at risk for cirrhosis hispanics
early stafe s/s of cirrhosis wgt. loss, unexplained fever , fatigue dull heaviness in r upper ab.
ascites is accumalation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
heaptic encephalopathy failing liver unable to detoxify ammonia
ammonia by product of protein metabolism
excess ammonia cause neurologic sysptoms - if not corrected can lead to hepatic coma
hepatorenal syndrome renal failure in the cirrhosis patient
pathology of cirrhosis alcoholic liver disease or viral infection
diet for cirrhosis high carb, vit. and moderate to high protien unless ammonia level is high then restrict protein
paracentesis removal of the ascitic fluid in peritoneal cavity
rapid removal of ascitic fluid can result in circulatory colapse
cancer of liver s/s liver enlarge, wgt. loss, anorexia, N&V dull pain in upper R quad.
to prevent rejection of liver transplant life long therapy is neeeded
cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder
what are the 5 f's female, fat, fair, forty, fertile
gallstones present in gallbladder cholelithiasis
s./s of cholecystitis severe pain, fever,jaundice. symptoms reoccur about 3 hr after meal
bilirubin excreted in the urine appears dark amber color
absence of urobilinogen in stool causes stool to be clay colored
vit. k def. interferes with mormal blood clotting cause pt. to ? patient bleeds eaily and bruises
N&V are present pt. is at risk for fluid and electrolyte imbalances
endocrine and exocrine functions is what gland pancreas
pancreatitis is infammation of the pancreas
s/s of pancreatitis pain on the upper left quad.or epigastric region , severe vomit, flushing , cyanosis, and dyspnea accompany with pain
s/s of shock , what is the late sign restlessness, and tackycardia , late sign hypotension
the most important diagnostic findings of pancreatits is serum amylase, serum lipase,and urinary amylase
treatment of pancreatitis includes npo, iv fluids to restore and maintain fluid balance
pain control of choice i n pancreatitis Demoral rather than morphine- morphine cause s spasms
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