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world war one cause

causes of world war one

This country was allied to Russia and France Britain
This country competed with Britain for most powerful navy Germany
This country's archduke was assassignated Austria
This country spoke the same language as Serbia Russia
This country was swallowed up by Austria Bosnia
The Black Hand was from this country Serbia
This country was allied to Germany and Austria Italy
Schlieffen decided to invade this country which made Britain declare war on Germany Belgium
This country joined WW 1 because they were part of the British Empire Canada
This country was mad at Germany for taking Alsace and Lorraine France
The battle was the first to see poison gas Ypres
This battle was a huge Canadian victory Vimy Ridge
The battle was the final battle of WW1 Amiens
What was the nickname given to the German soldiers in the battle of Ypres Stink Pioneers
What did the Germans call their gas attack Operation Disinfection
What type of gas did the Germans use? chlorine gas
This bill gave the vote to female relatives of servicemen Wartime Elections Act
This bill took the vote from conscientious objectors War Measures Act
This bill removed freedom of expression during the war War Measures Act
this bill allowed servicemen to use their vote in the riding of their choice Military Voters Act
This bill gave the vote to women serving overseas in the army Military Voters Act
This bill gave the government the ability to push through bills without having to go through Parliament War Measures Act
this battle had the first use of tanks Somme
This minister of munitions was fired for profiteering Sam Hughes
This minister was cleared of profiteering charges Flavelle
Name the treaty that ended World War One Versailles
According to the treaty that ended the war, which country had to accept the blame Germany
Who thought of the League of Nations Wilson
Name two nations would get reparations from Germany? Belgium and France
Name two nations that did not join the League of Nations. The United States and Russia
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